A Guide to the Dragons of Pantala

The cover page of A Guide to the Dragons of Pantala from The Lost Continent.

A Guide to the Dragons of Pantala is present at the beginning of The Lost Continent. There is no definitive evidence to whether it is a book or a scroll. The dragon drawings are illustrated by Joy Ang .




A typical HiveWing by Joy Ang

Red, yellow, and/or orange, but always mixed with some black scales; four wings. 


Vary from dragon to dragon; examples include deadly stingers that can extend from their wrists to stab their enemies; venom in their teeth or claws; a paralyzing toxin that can immobilize their prey; or boiling acid sprayed from a stinger on their tails


Queen Wasp



A typical SilkWing by Joy Ang


SilkWings dragonets are born wingless, but go through metamorphosis at age six, when they develop four huge wings and silk-spinning abilities; as beautiful and gentle as butterflies, with scales in any color under the sun, except black


Can spin silk from glands on their wrists to create webs or other woven articles; can detect vibrations with their antennae to assess threats.


Queen Wasp (the last SilkWing queen, before the Tree Wars, about fifty years ago, was Queen Monarch)



A typical LeafWing by Joy Ang


Wiped out during the Tree Wars with the HiveWings, but while they lived, this tribe had green and brown scales and wings shaped like leaves


Could absorb energy from sunlight and were accomplished gardeners; some were rumored to have unusual control over plants


Last known queen of the LeafWings was Queen Sequoia, about fifty years ago, at the time of the Tree Wars


  • The Tribes from Pantala all have much thinner legs and bodies then the dragons on Pyrrhia. This probably means that these types of dragons are lighter in weight and are built for agility.

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