"Good thinking. All right, you prince-loving traitor, time to come with us."
—Agave, to Prickle.

Agave is a female SandWing who was mentioned in Deserter, and appeared in Darkness of Dragons as the soldier who recognized Palm when she was hiding at Prickle's hut. She has big shoulders and long claws.[1]

Biography Edit

Deserter Edit

Princess Blaze states that Agave stole her crown and hid it in the sandstorm, according to Camel. She also says that Camel heard it from Parch, her best friend.

Darkness of DragonsEdit

In the prologue, Agave, along with Torch, finds Palm in Prickle's hut. Due to Prickle wearing Palm's earrings, they think Prickle is Palm and mistakenly arrest her. Agave recognizes Palm due to the scar on her wing, but doesn't say anything. Palm and Agave most likely were friends in the wingery, as Palm comforted her and played "dragons and vipers" with her, which may have been why Agave pretended to not know the difference between Palm and Prickle.


  • An agave plant is a monocot found in Mexico and America and is known for its honey, which is a sugary sap.
  • She knew Princess Blaze as a dragonet, and presumably enjoyed playing tricks on her, hence the sandstorm incident.


References Edit

  1. Darkness of Dragons, prologue


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