Agave is a SandWing dragonet of unknown gender who was mentioned in the Winglet book, Deserter. They will most likely not be mentioned in any future books, and haven't, as of Talons of Power.

Biography Edit

Deserter Edit

Blaze states that Agave stole her crown and hid it in the sandstorm, according to Camel. She also says that Camel heard it from Parch, her best friend.


  • An agave plant is a monocot found in Mexico and America and is known for its honey/sugary sap.


Queens  Present: Queen ThornQueen Oasis

 Historical: Queen Scorpion

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Jade Mountain  SunnyQibliOnyxOstrichAridPronghorn
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Hybrids  Sunny
Kingdom  Blaze's FortressBlister's HideoutGreat Five-Tail RiverPossibilityQueen Oasis' GraveQueen Thorn's StrongholdScorpion Den
Society  OutclawsWar of The SandWing Succession

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