Alba is the IceWing dragonet in the Copper Winglet at Jade Mountain Academy. A dragon of unknown gender, Alba has yet to be introduced in any of the books but may have a part later on in the series. Alba was, however, included in the guide at the start of the second arc in Moon Rising.


Moon RisingEdit

Moon mentions a large group of IceWings which Alba was most likely a part of.

Talons of PowerEdit

Alba is shown in the library with two other IceWings and may have been the dragonet to attack then get pinned by Darkstalker.


  • Alba means white in Latin and can refer to the owl species, Tyto Alba (barn owl).  
  • It can also refer to the flower Nymphaea Alba, otherwise known as the white lotus. 
  • Alba is one of the three IceWings who attend Jade Mountain Academy with no known gender. 

Gallery Edit

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