Alba is a female IceWing dragonet attending Jade Mountain Academy in the Copper Winglet. She has yet to be introduced in any of the books but may have a part later on in the series.


Moon RisingEdit

Moon mentions a trio of IceWings which Alba was most likely a part of.

Talons of PowerEdit

Alba is shown in the library with two other IceWings, and may have been the dragonet to attack then get pinned by Darkstalker.


  • Alba means 'white' in Latin and can refer to the owl species, Tyto Alba (barn owl).  
  • It can also refer to the flower Nymphaea Alba, otherwise known as the white lotus. 
  • While Alba's gender hasn't been stated outright, she is confirmed to be clawmates with Mindreader and Snail, who are both female. All known clawmate arrangements so far are with dragons of the same gender, so it can be assumed that Alba is female as well.

Gallery Edit

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