The Arboretum is a huge platform made from woven branches surrounded by tree-houses, some of which have been set up as fruit stands. It is located in the center of the main RainWing village in the Rainforest Kingdom. It appears in The Hidden Kingdom.


When Glory challenges Queen Magnificent and the other RainWing Queens (Queen Exquisite, Queen Grandeur, Queen Fruit Bat, etc..) for the throne, instead of fighting to the death, they play a series of challenges at the Arboretum; including a race, a venom-spitting contest, hide-and-seek(with their camouflage), fruit gathering, and a flower hunt

In Winter Turning, Glory calls all the RainWings to meet in the Arboretum.


Queens  Present: Queen GloryEx-Queen DazzlingEx-Queen ExquisiteEx-Queen Fruit BatEx-Queen GrandeurEx-Queen MagnificentEx-Queen Splendor

 Historical: Queen Anaconda

Royalty  Jambu
Jade Mountain  KinkajouTamarinCoconutBotoSiamang
Other Dragons  BananaBrightBromeliadBullfrogChameleonGibbonHandsomeHeliconiaLianaLorisMangoMangroveOrangutanOrchidTapirTualang
Hybrids  Firefly
Kingdom  ArboretumQueen Glory's Pavilion
Society  The RainWing Royal Challenge

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