Armadillo is a SandWing of unknown gender who was mentioned in The Brightest Night. They are a member of the Outclaws, and one of the three SandWings (the others being Six-Claws and Dune) who knew about Stonemover's and Thorn's relationship, and Sunny's egg.


The Brightest NightEdit

Armadillo is mentioned when Thorn thought of planning a party to celebrate Sunny's arrival. Later, Thorn told Sunny that only Six-Claws and Armadillo knew of Stonemover's relationship with Thorn.

It is possible Armadillo was one of the SandWings that entered with Thorn when Sunny met them.


While little is known about Armadillo's personality, Thorn states that Armadillo was one of few dragons she could trust with her deepest secrets, so that may hint that Armadillo is one of the few dragons deemed trustworthy and loyal by Thorn.


  • An armadillo is a mammal that has a shell that it uses as a defense. They are usually found in deserts and have a long, thin nose and a turtle-like shell.


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