Banana is a RainWing guard who was briefly mentioned in Winter Turning when Queen Glory mistook Heliconia for Banana. Glory had mistaken Heliconia for Banana. It is highly unlikely that she was simply offering Winter a banana, for obvious reasons and politeness on her sarcastic level.

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Winter Turning Edit

Glory stopped and tilted her head at the branches. "Banana?"

Winter frowned. "No, thank you."

But as he spoke, he noticed a shimmering in the air around the branch, and then all at once there was a dragon sitting there in a rather hideous shade of pink that Winter had never seen before.

"Actually, it's Heliconia, your majesty," said the RainWing. "But good guess."

(This is an excerpt from the book, Winter Turning.)


  • A banana is a long curved fruit that grows in clusters and has soft flesh and most commonly has yellow skin when ripe. There are more than 1000 varieties of bananas, which are separated into 50 groups. Bananas can be green, yellow, red, brown or purple when ripe.
  • Banana's do not grow on trees, they grow on tree-like perennial herbs (such as a lily or orchid)
  • Banana never makes an actual appearance in the book, being only mentioned quite briefly.
  • Banana may be one of Queen Glory's top secret invisible guards, perhaps confused with Heliconia.

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