Barracuda is a SeaWing dragonet of unknown gender who is attending the Quartz Winglet at the Jade Mountain Academy.

Biography Edit

Moon Rising Edit

Barracuda was seen following Anemone and the other SeaWings when Anemone wanted to use her animus powers to find out who set off the dragonflame cactus bomb in the history cave.

Winter Turning Edit

Barracuda was seen playing with the other SeaWing students at Jade Mountain Academy in the lake. They started a game of tag with Anemone, Turtle and the other SeaWings in the epilogue.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Clay said he saw Ostrich, Thrush, and Barracuda talking about the science of RainWing camouflage in the academy's library.

Trivia Edit

  • A real barracuda is a fish very similar to a piranha, except its body is longer and it lives in the ocean.

Gallery Edit

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