The Bay of a Thousand Scales is a spiral of islands which makes up the "tail" of the dragon-shaped continent of Pyrrhia, and could be considered to be an archipelago. It is said to have hundreds of islands, making it easy to hide the Summer Palace among them. It is a part of the Sea Kingdom, and therefore it is ruled by Queen Coral.


The Lost Heir Edit

Riptide first meets the Dragonets of Destiny here. Blister's Hideout was located there as well. The Summer Palace was hidden on one of the islands, along with the SeaWings' prisons. This is the main setting of the book. However, the Summer Palace was ruined in a SkyWing attack and is currently in ruins.


These islands can range from huge islands with forests and cliffs to rock outcroppings that would only fit 2 dragons. Many of the Islands are not listed on the map, as there are hundreds of them that cannot be charted on there.

Also, despite being shown in Darkstalker (Legends), the Island Palace is nowhere to be seen on the main series map, most likely because the SeaWings didn't want to draw attention to The Royal SeaWing Massacre.


  • Tsunami compared the vastness of the islands to the size of the map, saying that under the mountain, the entire bay fit in her talons.
  • When Deathbringer flies on the islands in search of Blister's Hideout in Assassin, he sees a scavenger castle.
  • Kestrel, after being murdered by Blister and Morrowseer, was found on an island close to the Summer Palace.
  • It is unknown if the SeaWings have purposely destroyed any knowledge or scroll relating to or containing information to the Island Palace due to The Royal SeaWing Massacre. 


Present: Queen Coral
Historical: Queen LagoonQueen Pearl





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