"I can't believe you magicked me a pet. You're such an idiot."
—Indigo to Fathom about Blob

Blob is an animus-touched piece of carved driftwood in the shape of an octopus that was created by Fathom to be a pet for Indigo. Fathom specifically enchanted Blob to have the sweetest, most loyal, most agreeable personality of any pet in Pyrrhia.[1]


Darkstalker (Legends)Edit

Fathom enchanted a piece of bleached, white, drift wood to be a carving of an octopus. Then, he also willed it to be alive as Indigo's pet, and to be the most loyal and best pet on Pyrrhia, which Indigo then named Blob. Blob then climbed onto her head, which it seems to prefer to perch on.

Later when Indigo, Fathom, and Pearl are preparing for the party, Blob is on Indigo's head. When the dragonets leave for the party, Indigo tells Blob to stay, because she could not bring him with her.

When Fathom tells Indigo he's going to carve something for Clearsight, Indigo mentions she still has Blob but keeps him hidden.

Sometime after Indigo disappears, Fathom spots Blob under his blankets. Fathom quickly hides him, and wonders why Indigo left without Blob.

When Darkstalker shows Fathom his animus scroll, he reads Fathom's mind and discovers that he was thinking about Blob and why Indigo left him.

Later when Fathom frees Indigo from Darkstalker's enchantment, he grabs Blob and shows him to Indigo. She happily places Blob on her head and tells him to hang on tight.

Five years later, Blob is playing with Fathom and Indigo's dragonets and resting on the head of one of their dragonets, Ripple.

Appearance Edit

Blob is a white, wooden, carved octopus about the size of a full-grown dragon's foot, and has large dark eyes, and he feels oddly like wood, but malleable and warm.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • There is a chance that Blob could still be alive and on the same island that Fathom and Indigo settled on after Darkstalker's defeat, since Blob is no ordinary pet.


References Edit

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