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"Is, he likely to do that?"
—Boto to Webs, about Darkstalker, in Darkness of Dragons

Boto is a placid-looking male RainWing dragonet who attends Jade Mountain Academy in the Silver Winglet.

Biography Edit

Moon Rising Edit

He was described as dancing with Sepia and Kinkajou when the Jade Winglet and Silver Winglet played music together in the music room in Moon Rising. He was later shown resting in a patch of sunlight, along with RainWing students, Coconut and Siamang.

Talons of Power Edit

Boto could have been the RainWing that got their homework burned up by Peril in Talons of Power, though it has not been confirmed as to whether or not Boto can read yet. The dragon may also have been Siamang.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Boto is seen attending a history class along with the Jade and Gold Winglets. When Darkstalker's murderous past is brought up, Boto's talons turn a lime green and he begins anxiously asking whether it is likely that they will be murdered.


  • A boto, also known as an Amazon River dolphin (or pink river dolphin, for its pink skin), is a type of dolphin that lives in the Amazon River.
  • Boto was still worried about Darkstalker even after the spell he cast, which might imply that the spell was focused on dragons Darkstalker was near to or likely to meet.



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