Bright was one of the RainWings briefly mentioned in The Hidden Kingdom; mentioned as they were imprisoned by the NightWings. They were one of the RainWings who died in the NightWing Kingdom with Tapir and Orangutan. It is unknown how Bright actually died, but it was likely related to the food they were fed and the living conditions with little to no sunlight at all.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

Shortly after Glory challenged Queen Magnificent for the RainWing throne, Kinkajou defended Glory's decision from nearby dragons who wondered whether they really needed a new Queen. She sarcastically suggested they should ask Gibbon, Orchid, Splendor, Tualang, or Loris. The RainWings looked as if they would come waltzing out of the trees. Kinkajou then stated that they (along with several other RainWings) were all imprisoned in the Night Kingdom, with the exception of Tapir, Bright, and Orangutan, who had "died awful deaths, alone and far away from everything and everyone they loved" and that Glory was the only one willing to do anything about it.

Gallery Edit

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