Bullfrog is a male RainWing healer that appears in Winter Turning, where he is seen with sky-blue scales[1]. He was one of the healers who tended to Icicle and mentioned a RainWing with a snout deformity, who was Chameleon.


Winter Turning Edit

He was seen cleaning Icicle's scales in the healer's hut while she was still sleeping from the sleeping dart. Another healer addressed him when they were remarking on how much Icicle's wound had bled. Kinkajou added that Icicle hadn't slept in days, and both healers were incredibly alarmed. Bullfrog wondered why any dragon would do that to themselves, and declared that it is worse than refusing to eat. This was probably said because RainWings get a lot of their energy from sleeping in the sun. He then stated that Icicle would at least be able to heal now that she was sleeping. The other healer commented that going without sleep was one of her nightmares, and Bullfrog recalled a RainWing who could not sleep due to a snout deformity. He added that the RainWing in question wasn't even like a RainWing at all, as no sleep made a RainWing grumpier as well as being unable to camouflage. Qibli asked what color the RainWing was, and Bullfrog replied that he was just an ordinary lime green and couldn't change the color of his scales. He changed the scales on his arm to demonstrate. He was referring to Chameleon.

He is also most likely one of the dragons that helped heal Webs.

Trivia Edit

  • A bullfrog is a type of frog which makes a very loud noise with its throat.
  • Apparently, he was one of the healers that knew Chameleon before his banishment.
  • He was likely a very calm dragon, as blue scales on a RainWing tend to represent tranquility.

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References Edit

  1. Winter Turning, page 108


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