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"So, IceWing, is this egg part of your pathetic prophecy?"
—Burn to Hvitur in The Dragonet Prophecy.

Princess Burn was a female SandWing and one of the three rival dragon sisters who once fought for the throne of the Kingdom of Sand during the War of the SandWing Succession. Out of her sisters, Blister and Blaze, she was the oldest and biggest. She was also said to be the fiercest of the three sisters. She had an interest for strange, unusual, or deformed creatures. In the first arc, Burn was allied with the SkyWings and MudWings.



Burn was the eldest, strongest, and largest of the three daughters of Queen Oasis. She got along fine with her mother, Oasis, who mentioned that if she gave Burn an odd-looking or deformed thing or creature, she would disappear into her room for days studying it. It seemed that Burn was Queen Oasis's favorite daughter, considering how well they got along.

After Queen Oasis was murdered by three treasure seeking scavengers, Burn became embroiled in conflict for the throne of the SandWings with her two younger sisters, Blaze and Blister. She also had three brothers, the only living one is Smolder, whom she is shown to abuse, and she had killed her other two brothers, Scald and Singe for unknown reasons.

Shortly after Queen Oasis's death, Burn took over the palace and drove Blaze and Blister out, or Blister and Blaze escaped before she got to them. Burn was allied with the SkyWings and MudWings, two very powerful fighting tribes, and appeared to be winning the war.


Burn and Blister had attempted to lure their sister, Blaze, into a sandstorm. After Six-Claws rescued her, he went into training for the army. After the death of Queen Oasis, Six-Claws served as a general in Burn's army, under the condition that she received his talons after his death.

She was later seen arguing with Six-Claws about attacking the MudWings instead of finding Blaze. During the ensuring argument, Dune was crippled and was unable to fly again. This is one of the events that placed doubt in Six-Claws, causing him to leave the army with Dune and Kindle.

The Dragonet Prophecy

Burn was the SandWing who murdered Hvitur, one of the guardians of the dragonets, and the SkyWing egg the night before the brightest night, the day in which the dragonets of destiny would hatch.

She traveled all the way from her stronghold after Queen Scarlet captured the the dragonets of destiny. She intended to watch Scarlet dispose of the dragonets in her gladiatorial arena and take Sunny back with her for her collection of oddities, but the dragonets escaped when Glory attempted to spray venom on Burn, but Burn shoved Queen Scarlet in her way and shot into the sky. While Burn was watching the arena fights she looked as if she'd rather be fighting instead of watching. The SandWing sent search parties out after the dragonets, but they managed to evade her search parties.

The Hidden Kingdom

After the escape of the dragonets, Burn took Queen Scarlet prisoner to "keep her safe", and because she "was in no condition to battle Ruby for the throne". With Scarlet being imprisoned, Ruby became the functioning queen of the SkyWings. Burn considers Ruby to be an unsatisfactory ruler, because she refuses to join any battle on Burn's side until she has "restored order to the Sky Kingdom" and "established the stability of her own throne".

Burn is put forward as a possible kidnapper of RainWings, but Glory shoots down that idea, saying that Burn doesn't like pretty things, but rather "horribly weird things".

The Dark Secret

In the epilogue, Burn is shown in her stronghold, discussing the Dragonets of Destiny with Smolder. She and Smolder decide to kill all five of the dragonets. She also spoke of Scarlet as her guest, not her prisoner.

The Brightest Night

Burn was never present at her stronghold while Sunny was being held captive, but appeared when the dragonets of destiny were choosing the SandWing queen. Blister mentioned the gift she gave her, and Burn ordered Smolder to bring it to her. Worried, Sunny told Burn to be careful, and Burn mocked Blister, pulling out the dragonbite viper that was inside the box. Burn took a few steps toward Blister, planning to have it bite her, but a second viper leaped out of the box and bit Burn's ankle, and shortly after, Burn died, leaving her two sisters to fight for the throne. Smolder later said that he never thought he'd outlive Burn.


Burn's scales were described to be pale yellow [1], and her eyes looked as if they were pure obsidian, with no white to them at all. She was a massive, heavy-set dragon [2] with jagged scars all over her scales [3], one of which was particularly nasty and ran down her neck and under her left wing[4]. According to Sunny, she was very large, even bigger than Morrowseer. She was very muscular, her muscles rippling in her back like wind over sand dunes, and her claws and teeth were stained red from all the blood she had shed.

Family Tree

Queen Scorpion
Several Generations
King Char
Queen Oasis
Unnamed Sister
Prince Scald
Prince Smolder
Prince Singe
Princess Burn
Princess Blister
Princess Blaze


Burn is described as the largest and most powerful of her siblings, and she uses this to her advantage, fighting her way through any obstacles. She is extremely brutal and uses pure force to win her battles, cutting down opponents with sheer size and strength, no matter what the losses are. She is extremely sadistic, loves killing and mutating things, which she displays in her Weirdling Tower. The tower is said by Smolder to be "safer than the dungeon, but more psychologically disabling..." due to the thought that you might ever belong there. Burn is ruthless, and displays no mercy to her enemies and shows no qualms about viciously killing and mounting the head of anyone who opposes her on the walls of her stronghold. Queen Oasis describes that if you give her something weird to look at, she'd vanish into her room for days.


"My SkyWing ally is not a fool. Queen Scarlet knows everything that happens in her kingdom." Talking to Hvitur about his theft.

"So IceWing, is this egg a part of your pathetic prophecy?" Before Burn dropped the SkyWing egg.

"I'll kill you - I'll claw that - it hurts - stop it - stop the " Burn's last words, when she gets bitten by the Dragonbite Viper.


  • Burn is the oldest and the biggest out of her siblings.
  • She is the first one of the Sandwing sisters that the dragonets met.
  • She was the first sister to die.
  • It is theorized that Burn may have a mental disorder due to the fact that she finds pleasure in mutilating other dragons.
  • Burn is the second dragon and first SandWing featured in the series.
  • Burn is the only sister with personal scars.
  • Burn is the first antagonist we meet in the series and the first of SandWing princess to die.
    • She is the only known dragon to die of a Dragonbite Viper bite.
  • She and Blister once planned to kill Blaze when they were dragonets.
  • A burn is an injury caused by exposing skin to a source of high temperature.



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