"Are you sure? That doesn't sound like any mother I know."
—Camel to Sunny.

Camel is a male, SandWing messenger who served under Burn. Sunny notes that he has a snub-nose[1]. In The Brightest Night, Smolder told Camel that he was supposed to watch over Sunny when he went to fight in the battle against the Outclaws. He seems kind because he let Sunny try to help Thorn.


Pre-Series Edit

Camel was sent to Burn's army to toughen up because his parents wanted him to be brave or dead, for "either one would be an improvement". He later got married, and he and his partner had three eggs. According to him, if he disobeyed Burn's or Smolder's orders, his eggs could be taken away.

Deserter Edit

Blaze states that Agave stole her crown and hid it in the sandstorm, according to Camel. She also says that Camel heard it from Parch, her best friend.

The Brightest Night Edit

He informed Smolder of the attack on Burn's stronghold, and the death of General Sandstorm. Smolder tasked him with watching Sunny until the battle subsided. Sunny asked for his name and also pleaded with him to let her go to fight with her mother, Queen Thorn. He was nervous around the battle and he was also very unsure about letting Sunny go wherever she pleased even though he was still keeping an eye on her.

Quotes Edit

"We're under attack! Help! General Sandstorm is already dead! No one knows what to do! It's chaos! We're all going to die!"

"I don't know! It happened so fast! It was like they rose out of the sand."

"Are you sure? That doesn't sound like any mother I know", to Sunny.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. The Brightest Night, page 123


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