Spoiler Alert!
This article contains plot details about the recently released book, Darkness of Dragons. It would be best if you did not view this page until after reading the new installment.

Chameleon is a male RainWing who can't change colors but  has the ability to shapeshift using Darkstalker's Talisman. He worked for Ex-Queen Scarlet until her death. He managed this by describing the form he wanted to take on Darkstalkers’ scroll, then tearing the paper he had written on off the rest of the scroll and placing it in a little wearable pouch. He used these scraps to turn into other dragons from the different dragon tribes. He is vengeful towards all RainWings, because they made fun of him, and loves treasure as seen in Darkness of Dragons, where his treasure addiction caused him to snatch the earring out of Qibli's talons.  

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