Bog is a male MudWing, and one of the forms of Chameleon, who appears in Darkness of Dragons. He worked alongside the Talons of Power and Vulture as a false hostage, lying about how the MudWings were attacking the oases. Qibli noted he looked suspicious.

Appearance Edit

Bog has mud-brown scales and wears several accessories: a gold tail band shaped to look like dragon claws clutching every inch of his tail, each claw tipped with a sapphire; silver chain mail studded with sapphires on his chest; golden silk veils wreathing his wings; giant bejeweled rings; and gold chain necklaces dangling from a ruby-encrusted headpiece that clashes with the silver, emerald, and topaz earrings in each ear. He also wears a brown leather pouch neatly tucked under his wing where he keeps his pieces of Darkstalker's Talisman, the same pieces that were used to transform Darkstalker into Peacemaker, the NightWing/RainWing hybrid.

Biography Edit

Darkness Of DragonsEdit

Bog/Chameleon first appeared as a false hostage in Vulture's lair, attempting to throw Qibli and Winter off of the recent explosions in the Scorpion Den, saying that the MudWings led by Queen Moorhen were causing the explosions, but, according to Qibli, it was easy to tell that he was lying about the whole thing.

Later, when Qibli and Winter (along with Cobra and Ostrich who were elsewhere at the time) were trying to escape Vulture's compound, they ran into him as Winter was attempting to free Vulture's scavenger prisoners. He asked what they were doing and recognized them from his time as Shapeshifter. Qibli and Winter tried to fight him, but he threatened to kill the scavenger if they didn't let him go. Winter did not continue fighting after that. Qibli and Winter then managed to get back to Cobra and Ostrich.

Bog later appears to Kinkajou, who was investigating the area, and Kinjajou starts to "stealthily" follow him. Bog walks into a room and closes the door, later coming out as Chameleon's superpowered NightWing form, Shapeshifter. Kinkajou relays this information to Qibli, who quickly realizes that the two dragons were Chameleon, and most likely arrived with Vulture. Qibli and Kinkajou devise a plan to steal Chameleon's pieces of Darkstalker's Talisman. Qibli walked up and acted as a distraction, and Kinkajou grabbed Chameleon's earring, which had the pieces of talisman in it. Chameleon was quickly told off by Kinkajou and Qibli, and most likely returned to the Rainforest Kingdom. The pieces of scroll were used to give Darkstalker a new life as Peacemaker.

Trivia Edit

  • Vulture told Bog to tell all the SandWings the story that Queen Moorhen and the MudWings were setting off the dragonflame cactus explosions in the oases in exchange for lots of treasure.
  • After escaping Queen Ruby's palace, Chameleon went to the Mud Kingdom. He said to Qibli and Winter later, "Thought I'd try my luck in the Mud Kingdom. Too brown."



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