"My daughter is powerful and amazing and terrifying. Who wouldn't be proud of that?"
—Chameleon, as Soar, about Peril.

Chameleon is a male RainWing who was banished from the Rainforest Kingdom due to his inability to change color in his scales, which, due to his snout deformity, causes them to be permanently stuck as a lime green color. His inability to sleep for more than an hour and breathe regularly contributed to the reason why the other RainWings thought he was creepy. He is the true identity of Cirrus the IceWing, Soar the SkyWing, and Shapeshifter the NightWing. Using Darkstalker's scroll, Chameleon created new shapes for himself and helped Ex-Queen Scarlet in exchange for treasure. He possesses a different shape for each dragon species. Chameleon has shown to be very greedy and selfish, though not necessarily malicious, doing nefarious acts with Darkstalker's scroll for treasure. He fathered Peril as his SkyWing form, Soar, with Kestrel.

Appearance Edit

His scales are "the color of limes and jungle parakeets, a sort of nondescript yellowish-green", and he has narrow shoulders[1]. His scales can not change colors like normal Rainwing scales can.

Biography Edit

Pre-Series Edit

At an unspecified point in time before the series, Chameleon was banished from the Rainforest Kingdom because of his inability to change the color of his scales which made the other RainWings uncomfortable, this because of snout deformity that stops him from sleeping for more than a hour. Due to the fact he did not show his emotions on his scales. He couldn't sleep without poisonous darts, but even then he could only sleep for an hour or so at a time, and many of the RainWings thought he was creepy. Some time after that, he found Darkstalker's Talisman and gets someone to teach him to read. By reading some of what was written on the scroll, Chameleon figures out what it could do and learns how to then write. Using the scroll, Chameleon creates many shapes for himself including Soar the SkyWing. He moves into the Sky Kingdom and helps Queen Scarlet spy on the Talons of Peace as Cirrus. While he serves Scarlet, he makes a Pyrite mask to hide Hailstorm for Scarlet. As a SkyWing, he fathers Peril and her twin with Kestrel in the breeding program, but Scarlet tells him that both of his dragonets were dead, and so Chameleon didn't know Peril is his daughter until the eighth book, Escaping Peril.

The Lost Heir Edit

For more information, see Cirrus

Chameleon appears in the prologue as Cirrus, with the Talons of Peace. He pins Webs down under Nautilus' orders and threatens to rip Webs' heart out. Before he can kill Webs, Crocodile knocks him out and Webs escapes.

The Brightest Night Edit

In his Cirrus form, Chameleon was spotted by Sunny in the Talons of Peace camp, as he was the only IceWing in the Talons of Peace.

Moon Rising Edit

As the NightWing Shapeshifter, Chameleon speaks with Ex-Queen Scarlet in the epilogue, holding Darkstalker's scroll.

Winter Turning Edit

A RainWing who couldn't sleep because of a snout deformity or change scale color was mentioned by one of the RainWing healers when Winter was visiting Glory. He was also said to have watched other RainWings sleep. This was most likely a description of Chameleon.

In his IceWing form, Chameleon appears as Cirrus in the Talons of Peace camp when the dragonets are looking for a SkyWing. He seems to be possessive of Pyrite, most likely because he is guarding her for Queen Scarlet.

Wearing his NightWing mask, Chameleon is overheard by Moon, Winter, and Qibli talking to Scarlet. He later goes to the dragonets' camp to retrieve Pyrite and attacks Kinkajou, smashing her into a tree and leaving her in a coma. It is mentioned in Escaping Peril that he did this because of his grudge against the RainWings. He fails to capture Pyrite/Hailstorm and leaves with his eyes burned and frozen by Moon and Winter, although it heals when he changes shape.

Escaping Peril Edit

As Cirrus, Chameleon stops Peril and Turtle on their adventure with the Talons of Peace. When Avalanche mentions Kestrel in a speech she gives about how she wanted to kill Peril when she was a dragonet, Cirrus asks questions about Kestrel and finds out that Peril is Kestrel's daughter.

Later Turtle sees a dragon, most likely Chameleon, diving into the forest behind him and Peril. The next morning, Turtle finds talonprints that don't belong to him or Peril beside their sleeping spot. They likely belong to Chameleon. When Peril and Turtle fly away, Peril spots Chameleon in his NightWing form staring at her.

As Peril perches on the sandstone formation outside of Possibility, a large SkyWing comes flying toward her but is distracted by Winter and Foeslayer's arrival. After Winter and Peril's fight, as Peril flies away from the scene, the SkyWing starts flying with her. He tells her his name is Soar and then reveals that he is her father. They are joined by Ex-Queen Scarlet, and the SkyWing informs Peril that he is, in fact, a RainWing named Chameleon. He offers her a gift of a strange necklace that he claims will cancel the effects of her firescales. Peril accepts the gift, but unknown to her, it is also rigged with a loyalty enchantment to Scarlet, and makes her forget Clay.

Known Forms Edit

  • Cirrus the IceWing
  • Shapeshifter the NightWing
  • Soar the SkyWing
  • Bog the MudWing

Trivia Edit

  • Chameleon's name is very ironic, because an actual chameleon can change the color of its scales, but Chameleon (the dragon) cannot.
  • Chameleon is the third most violent RainWing shown in the series, while the first being Mangrove and the second being Queen Grandeur. She is shown to just remember her tribe's history, while Mangrove and Chameleon neglected their sun time.
  • Chameleon is the first RainWing antagonist to appear in the series.
  • He is also the first RainWing besides Glory to know how to read and spell, but does not reveal how he obtained that knowledge himself.
  • Whenever he changes into a different form, it "resets", i.e. when he puts on the Soar mask, all traces of previous battles or other activities from when he was previously Soar would disappear. This would be consistent with Peril's noticing he had no scars.
  • A chameleon is a color changing lizard that inhabits the rainforest.
  • It is unknown whether or not he has a SeaWing or SandWing form.
    • However, he commented on wanting a MudWing form in Escaping Peril to avoid persecution. A MudWing shape of Chameleon appears in Darkness of Dragons.
    • He also said that he enchanted a face for every tribe in Escaping Peril
  • Tui hinted on the Scholastic forum that she may bring back Chameleon in Darkness of Dragons, which has shown to be true.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Escaping Peril, page 152

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