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"My talents have proven helpful to you."
—Shapeshifter, about his abilities from Darkstalker's Talisman

Shapeshifter is a male NightWing mask/enchantment by Chameleon that first appears in Moon Rising's epilogue. Chameleon, in disguise as Shapeshifter, was in possession of Darkstalker's Talisman, an animus-touched scroll, and was working for Scarlet before she was killed in escaping peril. Although his motives are unknown, he is easily persuaded by treasure and hates the RainWing tribe. It is later revealed that he isn't a true NightWing, but one of the forms of Chameleon. This morph is capable of having scales strong enough to withstand frostbreath and firescales, with the strength of ten dragons. Due to his hate for RainWings, he knocks out Kinkajou. This is also said to be Chameleon's favorite form, probably because of its power and super strength.


Moon RisingEdit

He was seen in the epilogue, annoying Scarlet by tapping a scroll, most likely Darkstalker's Talisman on stone, which causes her to yell at him.

Winter TurningEdit

During the prologue, the "Pyrite-mask" was put on Hailstorm, Winter's brother. The necklace was put on by a dragon who has previously been wearing it. This dragon may have been Shapeshifter (most likely) or one of the other masks.

When Moon, Winter, and Qibli were spying on them, Scarlet was heard yelling at him. He then flies off to grab Pyrite for her. The companion goes to the group, and immediately attacks Kinkajou, throwing her into a tree, and injuring her badly. Moon attacked him in retaliation, breathing fire on his face. Then, Winter used his frost breath, as well. Between Moon's fire and Winter's frost breath, he was blinded. During the fight, Winter noticed he was wearing "a mess of dark jewelry", which felt like iron boxes on chains. This is because of Darkstalker's scroll.

Later, after Mayfly, the doctor in Possibility, examines Kinkajou, she asks what "really" happened. Moon tells her that the RainWing had been thrown into a tree by a dragon, to which Mayfly mutters, "With superdragon strength?" This shows he may have extraordinary power, perhaps wished upon himself by Darkstalker's talisman, which he possesses.

Escaping Peril Edit

Peril notices a large NightWing when she is traveling with Turtle, and later spots his talonprints near where they're standing, noticing that he has been watching her sleep. She finds out that he is actually Chameleon, the dragon the RainWing healers mentioned couldn't sleep (for more than an hour at a time) or change color, as well as being Peril's father. Chameleon can also become Soar the SkyWing and Cirrus the IceWing. He is forced to give up the scroll at the end of the book by Peril and her friends using his Shapeshifter morph. 


"Oh, this? Don't you worry. This is nothing." - to Queen Scarlet about Darkstalker's talisman.

"My talents have been proven helpful to you."

"That scroll is mine! I'll find you! I'll take it back! You'll be sorry! It's mine, it's mine, it's mine!" - yelling at Peril and the Jade Winglet as they fly off with Darkstalker's talisman.

Trivia Edit

  • Shapeshifter's name suits him since it's Chameleon in disguise.
  • He is noted for being the dragon appearing in the epilogue of Moon Rising, along with Ex-Queen Scarlet.
  • Shapeshifter is the third revealed mask that Chameleon owns, besides Soar the SkyWing and Cirrus the IceWing.

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