Changbai is an IceWing dragonet who attends Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Silver Winglet.

Biography Edit

Moon Rising Edit

In Moon Rising, Moon mentions a large group of IceWings; Changbai was probably one of them. Changbai is referred to having very white scales.

Talons of Power Edit

Changbai is shown in the library during the events of Talons of Power. They may have been the dragonet to attack, then get pinned down by Darkstalker. They later said that they were going to get revenge for killing Prince Arctic, and launched another attack on Darkstalker. Darkstalker imprisoned them by creating a cell out of his animus magic, then chained them.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Changbai is specifically mentioned to be haughty and sit far away from Winter. When Darkstalker is brought up, Changbai quickly mentions that they don't seem to like the dragon from old stories as he didn't immediately start murdering everyone, maybe signifying that they were under Darkstalker's spell.


  • The Changbai Mountains are on the border of China and North Korea.
  • Changbai translates into '長白' in Mandarin Chinese, which means 'long white', meaning the season of winter.
  • In English, the full name of the mountain range translates to "Perpetually White Mountain Region".
  • Changbai is one of the three IceWing students attending Jade Mountain Academy with no known gender.

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