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"Thank you for being you. I hope your life is everything it should be."
—Clearsight to Listener before sending her to evacuate the Night Kingdom.

Clearsight was a female NightWing who, as seen in one of her visions, was meant to be Darkstalker's soulmate. Darkstalker himself knew that they were meant to be together too, but Clearsight betrayed him in the end by trapping him in a cave. She trapped him under Agate Mountain for over 2,000 years with an animus-touched bracelet. She lived in the old NightWing Kingdom before she defeated Darkstalker, but traveled to Pantala with the help of her visions across the vast sea. She was later driven by horrible visions of a hurricane coming to Pantala and killing many of the dragons who lived there. As she saved the dragons who lived there, she had visions of many possible futures where she lives happily in Pantala, with many possible mates and children.

Before she died, she wrote a book called The Book of Clearsight, which warned the Pantalan tribes about all of the coming plans and dangers of the future. Despite Clearsight's good intentions, her writings were misused by Queen Wasp. Queen Wasp used the Book to gain power for herself and to slay the LeafWing tribe when they refused her as ruler. In current Pantalan culture, Clearsight is worshipped as a sort of god. Many dragons were seen praying to her in The Lost Continent.

Appearance Edit

Clearsight was a female NightWing described as beautiful and sleek, with black scales and large, dark purple eyes [1]. She is depicted in Pantalan illustrations as being similar in appearance to Moonwatcher. Darkstalker also mentioned that Clearsight and Moonwatcher looked and acted very similar.

Biography Edit

Darkstalker (Legends) Edit

Clearsight first appeared when she was two years old, frantically trying to sort out all of her possible futures by writing down everything she saw on numerous scrolls. When her father comforted her and told her not to worry so much, Clearsight burst into tears and told him that everything was about to become confusing and out of control, much to her father's dismay.

One year later, Clearsight went to school for the first time. There, she conversed with Professor Truthfinder, who offered her a position with the four-year-old class because of her advanced intelligence; Clearsight quickly declined, as her visions told her that Darkstalker would be in that class. She then found the Tower of Knowledge with the help of her foresight, where she met her teacher, Allknowing, and her classmates: Vision, Morrowwatcher, and Jewel-eyes. However, Clearsight quickly realized that Allknowing and her students had a different, limited version of her power, and saw that this class would bring her nothing but despair and frustration, as Allknowing did not respect Clearsight's advanced abilities and resented her because of them.

Afterwards, Clearsight finally found her actual class, located in room 3A, where the teacher assigned another student named Listener to show her around and befriend her throughout the school day. When Clearsight started to tell Listener about how they'd be friends in the future, Listener kindly asked her to stop, telling her friend that her and her family had superstitions about prophets and their abilities; they'd rather have life take them by surprise. While they were talking, a beautiful hybrid dragonet named Whiteout approached them, missing Listener's muttered nickname for her: "Weirdout." She asked Clearsight if she was the dragon that her brother, Darkstalker, had been waiting for, and Clearsight saw from her visions that if she didn't tell Whiteout the truth, there would be future issues; Whiteout trusted either completely, or not at all. After admitting that she was indeed the dragon that Darkstalker was looking for, Whiteout said that she was very glad that Clearsight had finally arrived. After Whiteout left, Listener said that she was weird; Clearsight thought that Whiteout was interesting.

Later, at recess, Clearsight finally met her soulmate. After he stood up for Whiteout from a group of irritated NightWing students, Clearsight finally greeted Darkstalker, jokingly commenting on his clever way of sticking up for his sister, displaying his mind-reading ability, and depicting himself as a noble hero all at once. After their conversation, Clearsight touched Darkstalker on the shoulder - but she was plunged into a hurricane of visions, including Darkstalker, wearing a evil grin on the throne, slaughtering others with his magic, laughing in a twisted silver crown - but the other visions consisted of a happy life with their dragonets, at peace, and in love for life.

One day, during a baby hurricane, Darkstalker traveled to Clearsight's house in the pouring rain, inviting her to go with him to the ocean. Upon seeing the ferociously tall waves crashing down on the drenched sand, they decided to shoot for a sea cave to shelter from the storm. There, they started talking about Darkstalker's father, Prince Arctic, and his IceWing heritage, to which Darkstalker revealed his only physical IceWing trait - a white line of scales underneath his wings, connecting his membrane to his body scales. Their conversation was interrupted by a broken, soft sound of pained groaning; the sound turned out to be coming from Current, a SeaWing prince who had sought refuge after Albatross' horrifying attack on the Island Palace.

This caused Clearsight to be ever-more worried about Darkstalker's animus powers, as she feared the worst for her newfound soulmate. Darkstalker comforted Clearsight by telling her that he would never become the monster that Albatross had, and that she shouldn't be so worried about the horrible things that he might have done in the future.

Afterwards, Darkstalker told Queen Vigilance about the SeaWing Massacre; the queen gave Current shelter and resources in exchange for information on the attack.

The next day, Clearsight was with Listener in the school courtyard, talking about Listener's newest crush, a NightWing who was elegantly handsome and equipped with an aloof expression; the kind of haughty dragon that Listener always seemed to fall for. Clearsight tried to ignore the futures where this dragon cheated and then dumped Listener, focusing on Listener flying away and Darkstalker arriving soon afterwards. Clearsight tried not to worry about why Darkstalker and Listener didn't like each other; they seemed to intentionally try their best to never interact. Then, Darkstalker invited her to see his house, reassuring her that his mother and father were both away at their jobs; Foeslayer on guard near the border, and Arctic helping to interrogate Current.

The first thing Clearsight noticed when she entered Darkstalker's house was a sunlit room decorated in winter-themed decor; a pale blue door, white rugs, and glittering crystals. Another wall was covered with scrolls tucked into niches, and a very clean kitchen with cooking contraptions that looked impossibly complicated to Clearsight. There was also a family painting over the fireplace, created by Whiteout; her entire room was also covered in peaceful NightWing-IceWing paintings, like an alternate reality where two tribes who hated each other in reality got along. Finally, in Darkstalker's room, she noticed his sleeping corner was occupied by neatly folded purple and white blankets, with a desk covered with three little inkwells and a cloth for wiping talons. He also had a locked trunk at the foot of the blankets and a scroll rack. There, Darkstalker presented Clearsight with a scroll wrapped in black leather casing. Seeing the blank paper, Clearsight asked him if he had decided to try his talons at writing; but to her shock, he announced that he had put all of his animus power in the scroll as a vessel, so usage of his power wouldn't turn him evil.

In result, the futures suddenly became brighter, and the darker paths faded back. When Darkstalker asked if she'd like anything made, Clearsight reluctantly asked for a bracelet that hid her thoughts from mind readers; seeing her soulmate's hurt expression, she quickly explained that it was only for the safety or herself and the scroll, and that it didn't have anything to do with him. Darkstalker agreed, understanding, and enchanted a copper bracelet with three milky white moonstones on its surface; after he enchanted it to Clearsight's request, he smiled and enchanted one of his blankets to make the wearer comfortably warm; they then enchanted their history scroll, The Ancient Wars of Pyrrhia, to read to them; to begin when someone said "Bore me to sleep!" and to stop when someone said "Spare me!"

Both dragonets were too busy laughing to notice Arctic seething in the doorway; Clearsight quickly whispered "spare me" to the scroll, hiding it among her bag from Arctic's bitter eyes. After a tense conversation between father and son, Clearsight suddenly collapsed in visions: wars, Foeslayer wielding a spear, NightWings and IceWings clashing, IceWings following Arctic into battle, Arctic in Vigilance's display prison, screaming through the bars... Darkstalker's father, obviously concerned, asked if Clearsight was okay. In reply, Clearsight whispered a prophecy: "Beware your two queens. Beware your own power. Your claws will betray you in your final hour." Arctic then left the room, muttering the words of her prophecy again and again under his breath.

The next night, Clearsight and Listener launched their plan to free the scavengers. They successfully rescued the scavengers, (with a lot of trouble from the rescued) stowing them in two canvas sacks as they flew to North Beach to release them. Their rescue was working as planned until Clearsight was slammed with a vision of danger that could have ended her and her friend's life that very night. Moments after hiding among the shows of two large boulders on the sand, Clearsight and Listener saw a pointed white head lunge out of the water, trapping one of the feeling scavengers in his jaws. Clearsight learned from her visions that this was an IceWing test run; the tribe had planned to swim across their borders to avoid the NightWing air defenses, slipping under the noses of them to launch a surprise attack.

After she told Darkstalker about her visions and the importance of telling the queen, he requested a private audience with her. Swathed in jewelry borrowed from Darkstalker, she approached the throne under the eyes of the queen and her former teacher, Allknowing, who was seething next to the throne as Clearsight launched her speech. She gave the queen all of the needed details, clear and specific, much to the queen's pleasure. She then turned, scornfully, toward Allknowing, asking for an explanation on why cryptic prophecies were required for herself while Clearsight could give an exact gage of what was going to happen. She then fired Allknowing and told Clearsight that she was now her main seer, much to the rage of the old NightWing.

Talons of Power Edit

Clearsight is only mentioned in part two of the book when Darkstalker goes back to his school in the Night Kingdom/City and found the remains of his painting of Clearsight and restored the painting with his magic. Turtle thought that the proportions were all wrong, particularly in the undersized talons and oversized head, but noticed that Clearsight's eyes made it looked as if she had loved the painter.

Turtle later sets a white marble with a blue moon shape inside of it near Darkstalker's feet while he was distracted. The huge animus noticed it and thought that Clearsight was still there since Turtle is hidden under his spell. He picks it up and tries to talk to her. But after a while, Darkstalker accepted that Clearsight was not alive anymore. Darkstalker then throws the marble angrily into the trees and left the old NightWing school.

At one point, Darkstalker questioned Moon, wondering if Clearsight had dragonets after she "imprisoned" him, because Moon acts almost exactly like Clearsight, worrying about him using his powers too much, so on and so forth.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Clearsight appears while Moon, Qibli, and Kinkajou are at the old NightWing Palace. She is noted by Moon and Qibli to be acting very strangely, as she is trusting and forgiving of Darkstalker, even though she was the one who imprisoned him for being evil. Moon notes to Qibli that she wasn't like the Clearsight that Listener wrote about. Her suspicions were correct as Qibli then follows Clearsight and Darkstalker to an obscure area of the palace, where they discover that Darkstalker has enchanted another dragon to be like Clearsight. When Darkstalker realized she could never be his true love, he turned the dragon back to the original dragon's form, which turned out to be a frustrated Fierceteeth.

The Lost ContinentEdit

Clearsight, using her foresight to locate a chain of islands she could use to stop and rest, flew to Pantala to warn them about a devastating hurricane. When she arrived in Pantala, she met a LeafWing and a SilkWing named Sunstreak. She tells them to evacuate all dragons inland, which they agree to do. With them safe, new futures appear in her mind, including ones where she settles down with Sunstreak or Maple.

To protect her descendants and keep Pantala safe, Clearsight fills a book with a thousand years of her visions. It is called The Book of Clearsight. In modern times, Queen Wasp uses it to support her decisions and act like she knows everything, even though the book is a thousand years outdated by the events of The Lost Continent.

Clearsight is worshiped greatly for her powers of foresight and contributions to Pantala. The Temple of Clearsight, where the Book Of Clearsight is kept and the Librarian lives, is a huge and beautiful temple in Wasp Hive built in her honor. Blue, Cricket, and Sundew pass a giant portrait of her with offerings piled around it.

Personality Edit

Being a kind and willful dragon, Clearsight is always caring and compassionate, especially toward her friends. She is also very intelligent, using her ample free time to study her visions and foreseeing many possible futures of Pyrrhia. Her precognition fundamentally shaped her, making her an intelligent dragon, though paranoid and obsessive about steering the future onto a better path. She often shied away from friendship and social affairs, knowing her connections to the ambitious Darkstalker and strong foresight placed her in a precarious position where one move could destroy the tribe.

Family Tree Edit

Clearsight’s Father
(Alt. Fut.)
(Alt. Fut.)
(Alt. Fut.)
(Poss. Fut.)
(Poss. Fut.)
(Poss. Fut.)
(Poss. Fut.)

Quotes Edit

"If I miss a day here or give a wrong answer here or share my scroll with this hapless dragon here, the entire tribe might die." Clearsight, talking about her timeline scrolls.

"I...looked? Into the future?" Clearsight trying to explain how she found the seer class.

"You lunatic." Clearsight to Darkstalker teasingly when he enchants the history scroll to read itself aloud.

"The hardest part about being a seer is that the future is always a million possibilities - I can see so many ways my life could possibly go. But the past is only one thing. Once something happens, that's it. I can't change it anymore. I can't do anything. All my possibilities narrow into one fixed life, and then we're trapped in that world. I think I can control the future, but the past - it's gone. I can't fix it anymore." Clearsight to Prince Fathom when discussing her powers of foresight.

"Or maybe it's just part of you, something you hatched with. Maybe that's what you really got from your father, along with your magic. Maybe you were always going to turn out this way, no matter how I tried to save you." - Clearsight's last words to Darkstalker before he goes into his 2000 year sleep.

"Good-bye, my dearest love." - Clearsight's last thought to Darkstalker before he goes into his 2000 year sleep.

"No, rattlesnake will make me hiccup during the introduction circle. Fish could make my talons slippery so I land awkwardly. I'll have a squirrel; I can see that has no unfortunate consequences." - Clearsight to her mother, Swiftwings, about what she's going to have for breakfast before school

"It's not that simple. It's not 'here's your life, that's the way it will be.' It's every possible life, all the things that could happen to me and the tribe, and it all depends on what I do next. But there are so many-I can't keep track- and the further I look into the future, the more confusing and random it gets..." - To her father about her seer powers.

Known prophecies Edit

Beware your two queens; beware your own power

Your claws will betray you in your final hour.

- To Arctic

The SeaWing brings death.

The SeaWing brings salvation.

Don't let him come.

He must come, or all is lost.

- Referring to Fathom

Trivia Edit

  • Her power is stated to be stronger than any future-teller the NightWings have had for generations (though she only hatched under one moon), so she can see nearly all possible futures. This has been proven to be even more powerful than Darkstalker's future-seeing abilities. 
  • Her strong foresight sometimes comes out as prophecies, for example "The SeaWing brings death. The SeaWing brings salvation. Don't let him come. He must come, or all is lost." and "Beware your two queens, beware your own power. Your claws will betray you in your final hour".
  • One of Prince Fathom and Indigo's dragonets, Clearpool, was named after Clearsight.
  • Because of the fact that NightWing names most likely relate to their abilities, in this case, Clearsight can have "sights" of the future "clearer" than other NightWing seers.
  • Clearsight has stronger than average foresight because she's the kind of dragon who thought more about it from a young age.
  • Tui said Clearsight was one of the easiest characters to write because "being that worried and imagining a million futures is like being a writer in the middle of a story".
  • Clearsight is the only known dragon to be able to travel to another continent (Pantala) on purpose, because even though Luna manages to reach Pyrrhia it was by accident and she wouldn't have been able to do it if not for a storm

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References Edit

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