"Thank you for being you. I hope your life is everything it should be."
—Clearsight to Listener before she sent her away from the Night Kingdom to save them from Darkstalker

Clearsight was a female NightWing who was described as beautiful and sleek, with black scales and large dark eyes. As seen in her visions, she was meant to be Darkstalker's soulmate. They both knew they were destined to be together due to their prophetic visions; however, she betrayed him by giving him the animus-touched bracelet (enchanted by Fathom) that would put Darkstalker to sleep for, she hoped, forever preventing his hostile takeover. After the comet passed over about 2000 years later, causing Darkstalker to wake up, he wondered what happened to her and had mixed feelings toward her. Later, he told Moonwatcher about her, talking as if he was still confused as to why Clearsight acted the way she did.

Biography Edit


Clearsight, along with being one of Darkstalker's few friends, was his true love and soulmate (According to visions). Darkstalker had given one of the three dreamvisitors he had made to her. He also kept one for himself and gave the third to their friend, Fathom, a SeaWing animus and prince. The dreamvisitors were meant to keep the three friends together no matter how far apart they were. Eventually, Clearsight looked into the future and saw a large amount of futures in which Darkstalker would become evil and power-hungry. Because of this, she was convinced that Darkstalker was dangerous, and eventually asked Fathom to enchant her bracelet that Darkstalker gave to her to make Darkstalker fall into an eternal sleep when he puts it on. The betrayal fulfils the lines 'Betrayal woven into copper wires' from Clearsight's prophecy. Nothing was known about what happened to Clearsight after she betrayed Darkstalker. Records claim that she had no dragonets. However, she begins flying to Pantala at the end of Darkstalker Legends.

Darkstalker (Legends) Edit

Clearsight was first shown as a two-year-old dragonet frantically trying to sort out every timeline in her life and write down every possible future she saw. Her father, who was quite concerned about her mental health, interrupted her. He stated that she should take a break and that a two-year-old dragonet's decisions couldn't endanger the entire tribe, which she knew was untrue in her case. He told her that she must start attending school, to which she pointed out that her timelines "explode" and that she started "losing control" when she does. He reluctantly agreed to let her have more time to herself but says she must start attending by the time she's three years old if they are to remain on good terms with the queen. She worried about meeting Darkstalker and thinks about avoiding it altogether. However, she sees dark futures along that path, and they both know it is inevitable.

She was next shown when she was three, heading to school for the first time. She rushed to get ready and go to school early, as she knew that Darkstalker would be waiting for her, whether or not she got there on time. She flew to school and met Professor Truthfinder, who told her that she was qualified to be in a class with four-year-old dragonets. Knowing this to be his class, Clearsight declined the offer. Truthfinder was highly suspicious of her after Clearsight told her she wanted to stay with dragonets her own age. However, Truthfinder begrudgingly accepted and moved on. Clearsight found her way to the Tower of Knowledge using her foresight and entered her seer training class. She quickly realized that her classmates Jewel-eyes, Vision, Morrowwatcher, and her teacher, Allknowing, had a different type of prophetic sight than she did and that attending the class wouldn't help her expand her powers. Clearsight also saw that she would have trouble with Allknowing in multiple futures.

When Clearsight finally went to her normal class in room 3A, the teacher assigned a NightWing named Listener to take care of her for the day. Clearsight noticed the mind reading silver tear drop scales beside Listener's eyes. Clearsight looked into the future to see whether she and Listener will get along, and the mind-reader protested and told Clearsight that she'd rather not know anything about her future because her family is very superstitious about prophets and their abilities. This led to Listener telling Clearsight about her plan to free all of the pet scavengers in the school. Listener told Clearsight that she had read the scavengers' thoughts and that she thinks they may possess some dragon-like emotions, which surprises Clearsight.

During their conversation, Whiteout, who has apparently earned the nickname "Weirdout", walked over to the two friends. She asked Clearsight if she's the dragon her brother (Darkstalker) has been waiting for, and Clearsight said yes. Whiteout then told Clearsight that she's glad that she's finally there, and Listener says that Whiteout is weird after the hybrid walked away.

Listener then asked if Clearsight knows Darkstalker, and says that he's the smartest dragon in the history of the NightWings. After the teacher has released the students for a brief recess, Clearsight starts to search for Darkstalker. She spots a group of NightWings bullying Whiteout, and watches as her brother, Darkstalker, stands up for her. Clearsight finally walked up to Darkstalker and comments on his clever way of stopping the bullying. This is notably the first time the two have talked. They continue to have a flirty talk, and Clearsight notices she has a strange feeling within her. She feels like she's in love with him but also wants to set Darkstalker on fire.

Clearsight touched Darkstalker, which then sparked a "hurricane of visions". Some included Darkstalker killing dragons with his magic, in a twisted crown, but others showed them with dragonets and living happy lives together. Clearsight asked Darkstalker if he saw that, and he promised he wouldn't invade her mind. Darkstalker introduces himself, and Clearsight jokes with him. As she does this, she tried to ignore the visions of terrible things in the future.

Later, Darkstalker decided to take her to the beach during a storm. As the beach is being pelted with waves, they decide to go into a sea cave instead. Clearsight explains that she knows where it is from her visions. She then asks Darkstalker about his hybrid heritage, as he looks more like a NightWing than an IceWing. Darkstalker answers her and shows her the silver scales under his wing membranes. Not long afterward, Clearsight heard something. It turned out to be Prince Current, who told them how he fled the massacre at the Island Palace. Clearsight was scared that Fathom might have been murdered as well. When she heard that it was caused by a mad animus, she became even more worried about Darkstalker's soul. She proposed that they tell Queen Vigilance about the massacre and they did.

Talons of Power Edit

Clearsight is only mentioned in part two of the book when Darkstalker goes back to his school in the Night Kingdom/City and found the remains of his painting of Clearsight and restored the painting with his magic. Turtle thought that the proportions were all wrong, particularly in the undersized talons and oversized head, but noticed that Clearsight's eyes made it looked as if she had loved the painter.

Turtle later sets a white marble with a blue moon shape inside of it near Darkstalker's feet while he was distracted. The huge animus noticed it and thought that Clearsight was still there since Turtle is hidden under his spell. He picks it up and tries to talk to her. But after a while, Darkstalker accepted that Clearsight was not alive anymore. Darkstalker then throws the marble angrily into the trees and left the old NightWing school.

At one point, Darkstalker questioned Moon, wondering if Clearsight had dragonets after she "imprisoned" him, because Moon acts almost exactly like Clearsight, worrying about him using his powers too much, so on and so forth.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Clearsight appears while Moon, Qibli, and Kinkajou are at the old NightWing Palace. She is noted by Moon and Qibli to be acting very strangely, as she is trusting and forgiving of Darkstalker, even though she was the one who imprisoned him for being evil. Moon notes to Qibli that she wasn't like the Clearsight that Listener wrote about. Her suspicions were correct as Qibli then follows Clearsight and Darkstalker to an obscure area of the palace, where they discover that Darkstalker has enchanted another dragon to be like Clearsight. When Darkstalker realized she could never be his true love, he turned the dragon back to the original dragon's form, which turned out to be a frustrated Fierceteeth.

Family Tree Edit

Animus IceWings
(Frostbite, Penguin)
Queen Diamond
Princess Snowfox
Prince Arctic
Unnamed Daughter
Shadowhunter, Eclipse, Fierceclaws
(Possible Future)

Quotes Edit

"If I miss a day here or give a wrong answer here or share my scroll with this hapless dragon here, the entire tribe might die." Clearsight, talking about her timeline scrolls.

"I... looked? Into the future?" Clearsight explaining how she found the seer class.

"You lunatic." Clearsight to Darkstalker when he enchanted the history scroll to read itself aloud.

"Beware of your two queens, beware of your own power. Your claws will betray you in your final hour." Clearsight's prophecy to Prince Arctic.

"The hardest part about being a seer is that the future is always a million possibilities - I can see so many ways my life could possibly go. But the past is only one thing. Once something happens, that's it. I can't change it anymore. I can't do anything. All my possibilities narrow into one fixed life, and then we're trapped in that world. I think I can control the future, but the past - it's gone. I can't fix it anymore." Clearsight to Prince Fathom when discussing her powers of foresight.

"Or maybe it's just part of you, something you hatched with. Maybe that's what you really got from your father, along with your magic. Maybe you were always going to turn out this way, no matter how I tried to save you." - Clearsight's last words to Darkstalker before he goes into his 2000 year sleep.

"Good-bye, my dearest love." - Clearsight's last thought to Darkstalker before he goes into his 2000 year sleep.

Known prophecies Edit

Beware your two queens,

beware your own power.

Your claws will betray you

in your final hour.

- To Prince Arctic

The SeaWing brings death.

The SeaWing brings salvation.

Don't let him come.

He must come, or all is lost.

- To herself (SeaWing refers to Fathom)

Trivia Edit

  • Her power is stated to be stronger than any future-teller the NightWings have had for generations (though she only hatched under one moon), so she can see nearly all possible futures.
  • Her strong foresight sometimes comes out as prophecies, for example "The SeaWing brings death. The SeaWing brings salvation. Don't let him come. He must come, or all is lost." and "Beware your two queens, beware your own power. Your claws will betray you in your final hour".
  • One of Fathom and Indigo's dragonets, Clearpool, was named after Clearsight.
  • She delayed school on purpose for about two years before entering at the age of three, for she was too worried about how it would affect her future.
  • At the end of Darkstalker (Legends), Clearsight has flown away to find a lost continent on which the dragons of Pyrrhia might have originated from. Tui has confirmed that she made it to the Lost Continent (Pantala).
  • Clearsight might be one of Moonwatcher's ancestors, as Darkstalker mentioned more than once that she was like her. However, it is unconfirmed if Clearsight ever had dragonets.
  • Tui recently confirmed Clearsight mated with a dragon from the Lost Continent, as she foresaw a future with her finding another love and having other dragonets with him.  
  • Another possibility is that a NightWing could've gone with Clearsight to the Lost Continent, but this is very unlikely.
  • It is shown that Allknowing and Clearsight dislike each other, especially after Clearsight became the Queen's Top Seer in place of Allknowing.
  • Because of the fact that NightWing names most likely relate to their abilities, in this case, Clearsight can have "sights" of the future "clearer" than other NightWing seers.
  • Clearsight has stronger than average foresight because she's the kind of dragon who thought more about it from a young age.
  • Tui said Clearsight was one of the easiest characters to write because ¨being that worried and imagining a million futures is like being a writer in the middle of a story¨.



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