"Just trying to teach my idiot son a lesson,"
—Cobra, to Thorn

Cobra is a female SandWing and the mother of Qibli, Sirocco, and Rattlesnake. She, along with Sirocco and Rattlesnake, bullied and abused Qibli. She was an elite assassin who many respected, but she hated dragonets. Some were confused why she had dragonets instead of getting rid of them. Qibli tried to garner her attention a lot of times once even giving her a stolen coconut only to be thrown against a wall forcibly, but she didn't care for him or his siblings. She showed no love to her dragonets and even sold Qibli away. She is shown to be very dedicated to her job, as that she killed members of her own organization to trick Qibli (unsuccessfully).


Pre-Series Edit

Cobra abused and ignored Qibli before Thorn came to take him. She didn't care what happened to him, but she didn't want to sell Qibli at first. But after a quick dialouge, she let Thorn take him. She always insisted that he had to fend for himself in the Scorpion Den. She said he cared too much for others and was worthless.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

After Qibli left, Vulture, Cobra's father, imprisoned her to get his hands on her dragonets, to make them join his Talons of Power Organization. He trapped her in an oubliette until Qibli came to Vulture's fortress to look for Ostrich. When Cobra was freed by Qibli, she told him to escape that night with her. Cobra stopped herself from calling Qibli "lizard", and even tried to kill her other two dragonets for trying to stop her escape. It was later revealed/deducted by Qibli that Cobra and Vulture were plotting against Qibli, by making it seem as if Cobra had been trapped in the oubliette for years, although it was only been less than a day. Vulture and Cobra had set a trap for Qibli, trying to make him lead his mother to Thorn's stronghold. Cobra was arrested by Thorn and was thrown in Thorn’s dungeon.

Family Tree Edit


Trivia Edit

  • A cobra is a venomous snake that is recognizable from its hood.
  • She may have killed Queen Oasis's sisters. This has been hinted, but not confirmed.
  • She sold Qibli to Queen Thorn.
  • The SandWing princesses tried to hire her to kill the others, but she declined, saying that she'd profit more from the war.
  • She was rumored to have poisoned and killed multiple guests at Queen Scarlet's wedding.
  • She was hired by Queen Thorn to find Morrowseer, Stonemover, and Dune, to no avail.
  • She appears to be somewhat in league with Qibli’s grandfather, Vulture.
  • It is unknown who her mate is. In other words, Qibli's and his siblings' father.
  • Cobra is the name of Lower Egypt, as Vulture is the name of Upper Egypt.


"That's what I call living."

"Get it now, lizard?"

“Yes, my dragonet.”

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Present: Queen ThornQueen Oasis
Historical: Queen Scorpion



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