"This papaya tastes boring. I guess I normally like papaya. But this one is sort of boring all the way through. Like eating water. Boring water. I wonder when it will be sun time. Maybe I should try a different papaya after this one. But what if the next papaya is boring, too?"
—Coconut's thoughts at the prey center in Moon Rising

Coconut is a male RainWing dragonet featured in The Hidden Kingdom and Moon Rising. He was a gliding partner, and friend of Kinkajou the year before Glory came to the Rainforest Kingdom. However, Kinkajou does not consider him a friend after she was kidnapped by the NightWings. He is also a student attending Jade Mountain Academy in the Copper Winglet, which includes Marsh, Alba, Mindreader, Peregrine, Snail, and Pronghorn. Ironically, according to Kinkajou, he doesn't even like coconuts. He had emerald green scales in The Hidden Kingdom and lavender blue scales in Moon Rising, and was also noted to have sleepy eyes.

Biography Edit

The Hidden Kingdom Edit

Coconut appears when Kinkajou and Glory return from the prisons in the NightWing Island. The duo fly up to the dragon with Kinkajou, who is excited to be back, and Coconut is surprised to see the young RainWing. He didn't seem to have known or to have particularly cared that Kinkajou had been missing for several weeks. Glory ordered him to gather the RainWings for a meeting, and he tried to do so, flying away, confused.

Later, Glory spotted him in a crowd of very few RainWings, and he shrugged at her, showing that those were all he could gather.

Moon Rising Edit

In Moon Rising, Coconut has a few very small appearances, mostly near the fruit in the dining cave, one of the times being when Kinkajou shows Moonwatcher around the school. Moonwatcher finds she can latch on his thoughts as a place of calm, but thinks she would go insane if she had to listen to them all day. When Kinkajou was talking to him he paid very little attention to her and was more interested in the fruit he was eating. He was also later shown resting in a patch of sunlight, along with Boto and Siamang.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Coconut is shown in the prey center near Marsh and Clay. Clay mentions that they made a good choice in making the two clawmates as they became best friends.

Personality Edit

Coconut is shown to be absent-minded, shallow, lazy, forgetful, sleepy, and much less intelligent than his friend (or "former friend", according to her), Kinkajou. He appears to be to be at least a little obsessed with fruit. He is called, "a sloth masquerading as a dragon" by Qibli and "boring" by Moonwatcher. His forgetfulness and obliviousness is what lost Kinkajou's friendship with him. When Kinkajou was kidnapped by NightWings, Coconut did not even notice or care.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his name, as of Moon Rising, he is shown to dislike coconuts, which is ironic.
  • In Winter Turning, Moon compares Coconut's mind to Pyrite's, saying it wasn't "much deeper".
  • Coconut's lack of intelligence is proven when Kinkajou tells him he's not smart, and he doesn't react whatsoever.
  • Coconut demonstrates the personality the typical RainWing are said to have: lazy and forgetful.
  • Due to his sleepiness, he rarely shows any emotion.
  • Moon describes his thoughts as "slow and meaningless."
  • He is one of the five characters whose name is ironic, the others being Quickdeath, Quickstrike, Scarlet, and Chameleon.

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