"Poor Webs. So wrong in so many ways."
—Crocodile, to Webs in The Lost Heir

Crocodile was a burly, brown, female MudWing and former member of the Talons of Peace. She had huge, brown wings and a horrible scar that pulled her lip into a strange position and made her always look like she was grimacing.[1]. She was killed by Glory, who had spat RainWing venom into Crocodile's eyes so they could escape the Summer Palace during the attack by the SkyWings and MudWings in the The Lost Heir. Webs trusted her because she saved his life once, but she betrayed him and the Talons of Peace by spying on them for Burn's army. She appeared to be a slightly self centered dragon, as she proclaimed that she was going to "so get a promotion" at the expense of the dragonets and Webs' well being. She is most likely a bigwings, considering her physical description.


The Lost HeirEdit

Crocodile was one of the members of the newest Talons of Peace who confronted Webs about the missing dragonets. She saved him from being mauled by Cirrus, in the prologue in the book, as well as more Talons Of Peace members to gain his trust. Once Webs is saved, Crocodile suggests for him to go back to the Kingdom of the Sea, where she says it might be the only way for him to be safe.

She later appeared at prison of Queen Coral, where it was revealed that she was really a spy and an ally of Burn's army, by leading the SkyWings and MudWings to the Summer Palace of the Sea. Crocodile knew where to go because she secretly followed Webs back to the mysterious Summer Palace. Before she could do anything, however, Glory spat venom into her eyes she presumably died, but her body is never found so her death is unconfirmed. Crocodile's army of SkyWings and MudWings destroyed the Summer Palace, though a new above water palace was being built at the end of Darkness of Dragons and Queen Coral does not have plans to hide it like the Summer Palace.

The Dark SecretEdit

It is revealed that if venom hits the eyes it will kill the victim extremely quickly, providing further evidence that Crocodile is dead. Webs said that he didn't want to go back to the Talons because he was suspicious of the other Talons being infiltrators, but it is very likely that he was just saying this so he wouldn't have to admit to the Dragonets of Destiny that the Talons had turned against him due to his failure to keep them hidden.

Quotes Edit

"I've knocked them out. They didn't see that coming. Ha!"

"Why not take the chance, if it means you can go home again?"

"Poor Webs. So wrong in so many ways."

"Who knew that infiltrating the Talons of Peace would be so useful?"

"I'm so getting a promotion."


  • A crocodile is a type of reptile that lives mostly in swamps. It is charecterized by having a long snout.
  • Crocodile does not appear to be the stereotypical example of a MudWing, seeing as they are typically loyal.
  • She is the second dragon to die by Glory's venom, the first being Fjord in The Dragonet Prophecy.
  • Crocodile is the second known MudWing to join the Talons of Peace besides Asha. However, since Crocodille is a spy, this makes Asha the only true known MudWing in the Talons of Peace.


References Edit

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