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Darkness of Dragons is the tenth book in the Wings of the Fire series. Tui T. Sutherland has confirmed at a book talk in Washington that the main protagonist of Darkness of Dragons will be Qibli. She has also confirmed books 11-15. This book will be released on July 25, 2017. Darkness of Dragons will also be the last book in the second series. Tui also said that a Wings of Fire fan could have their character in this book, if they won the auction. The auction ended on May 2nd, 2016. A wiki user named Typhoonseawing won the auction; the character they'll use is named Typhoon, a SeaWing-IceWing hybrid.

Darkness of Dragons follows Talons of Power. It also precedes the third cycle, books eleven through fifteen.



Qibli knows Darkstalker must be stopped. And he knows he could stop him—if he had magic. With even a sliver of the ancient dragon’s all-powerful scroll, Qibli could rewrite history the right way: end war forever; make every dragon happy; perhaps even cast a very small spell so that everyone would like him . . .

Instead, as Darkstalker’s dangerous influence spreads across Pyrrhia, entrancing or killing every dragon in the seven tribes, Qibli can only grasp the small animus objects he’s borrowed from Turtle. With some clever thinking, Qibli’s talons finally hold the power to make a difference.

But prophecies are not easy to rewrite. Can Qibli be the magical force Pyrrhia needs, or will he be the one to bring Jade Mountain—and his family, his friends, his whole world—crashing down?


The prologue is from Palm's perspective. She is shown running away from Queen Oasis' soldiers, who are trying to take her back to the SandWing Palace. On the verge of passing out, she finds her sister, Prickle, in her hut. Prickle reluctantly lets Palm in and they start arguing about Smolder. After a while, the guards then burst in, arresting Prickle by mistake, since the sisters are almost completely identical. One of the guards recognizes the real Palm, but doesn't mention it. Palm then decides to run away and travel the continent, but realizes that she has an egg.

Trivia Edit

  • The background in the cover is likey depicting the ruins of the Lost City of Night.
  • It is the second book in the second arc of five books that doesn't include the protagonist's name in the title, instead following Talons of Power's naming pattern as the title is a line from the Jade Mountain Prophecy.
  • It is also the first mainstream book to feature a full-blood SandWing, as Sunny is only half SandWing. However, counting Sunny and Deserter, it is the third book to have a SandWing PoV.
  • On the cover Qibli's scar is on his jaw instead of on his snout, but this could change in the final cover. He is also missing his skyfire pouch. However, his freckles are clearly present.
  • “Book 10 will resolve some of the problems we’ve seen throughout the series,” Sutherland said, “But I also have another idea for a standalone book.” – which is surely news that will thrill her fans." -PublishersWeekly
  • This is the first and likely only book to feature a WoF fan's character in a book.
  • This is the third Wings of Fire book to feature the POV sitting or standing on a rock or other object rather than flying or swimming, the other books being The Dark Secret and Winter Turning.
  • This is the third book where a dragon on the cover of the book has an accessory, the others being Talons of Power and Escaping Peril, with Turtle wearing his armband, Anemone is wearing a small silver earring (ToP), and Scarlet is wearing a necklace and bracelet (EP). Qibli is wearing his earring.
  • In Moon Rising, Moonwatcher has a vision of Qibli yelling, "Where is she?!" at three SandWings, which may occur sometime during this book, who could be Qibli's siblings
  • In a few places (such as Target), the book was titled as Storm of Sands, which Tui confirmed in the Winter Turning livestream that Qibli's name meant Storm of Sands.
  • At 432 pages, this will be the longest of the WoF books, including Legends.
  • In an interview, Tui confirmed that Blaze, Smolder, and Thorn will make appearances in this book.
  • On the Scholastic Forums, Tui T. Sutherland confirmed that someone we might not expect to see, or at least a version of them, will be in this book. There will also be two very 'fun, fierce antagonists' who, before this book, interacted very little.

Gallery Edit

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