Wings of Fire is a very suspenseful series, with dragons dying or miraculously surviving being one of the elements. Although many characters are pronounced dead, there are still some whose fates remain unknown or uncertain.

List of DragonsEdit

  • Chameleon, a RainWing who cannot change his scales. He is Peril's father and Kestrel's mate. After he went unconscious with a boulder dropped by Kinkajou, it is unknown what happened after.
  • Addax, a SandWing soldier. He betrayed The Outclaws to get back to his family in Burn's army, but his fate is not yet known.
  • Camel, one of Burn's soldiers. It is unknown if he managed to retrieve his eggs that were kept by Burn and is still alive.
  • Harrier, a SkyWing guard posted to guard Chameleon. Harrier was knocked out during Chameleon's escape, using his NightWing form.
  • Moray, Shark's daughter and a member of Queen Coral's Council. It is unknown if she survived the attack on the Summer Palace.
  • Snail, Flounder, Kelp, and Herring, the SeaWing guards whom Tsunami convinced to give her the key to unlock the chains on Clay's ankles. They may have been severely punished by Queen Coral but Snail was seen in Moon Rising (this could have been the same Snail, but this is not known for sure).
  • Sora, a MudWing subject at Jade Mountain Academy near the end of Moon Rising she was discovered as the one trying to kill Icicle and the killer of Bigtail and Carnelian, forcing her to flee.
  • Umber, a MudWing student at the Jade Mountain Academy and Clay's youngest brother. When his sister, Sora, was discovered as the dragon who set the fire, he was forced to flee with her.
  • Clearsight, a NightWing prophet who was in Darkstalker's time. After Darkstalker was sealed away in Agate Mountain, she was heavily hinted to set off for the Lost Continent. She is confirmed to have survived the journey, and will appear in Book 11, but what happens after is unknown.
  • Onyx, the daughter of Prince Smolder and Palm, after her major foot injury, it is unknown what happened to her
  • Vulture, the grandfather of Qibli, it was not confirmed what happened to him after Darkstalker put him under the spell to obey his every command.
  • Sirocco and Rattlesnake, the siblings of Qibli, after Cobra, Qibli, Ostrich, and Winter fled, it is unknown if Vulture killed them afterwards.


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