Droplet is possibly a fictional SeaWing mentioned by Prince Turtle in the first chapter of Talons of Power. According to Turtle, he or she was an unimportant gardener who had learned of a MudWing invasion on the Kingdom of the Sea, so the SeaWings fought and stopped the MudWings before they found the kingdom's hidden palaces, probably the Deep Palace, the Island Palace, or the Summer Palace.[1]


  • Droplet was in a story Turtle had read.
  • Although it is not mentioned outright that Droplet is a SeaWing, the dragon gardener is assumed to be one since they were stopping a MudWing invasion from finding hidden palaces, which are probably the Deep Palace or the Island Palace; also, because of the fact that their name is Droplet, which would be a SeaWing name.
  • It is currently unconfirmed whether or not the story Droplet was in is real or not, but it is assumed to be real since Turtle also tells a tale of Indigo, "who'd rescued the entire tribe from a deranged killer" (Prince Albatross), and this story is confirmed to be somewhat true in Darkstalker (Legends).
  • A droplet is a small drop of liquid.

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