"How dare you? I would never be friends with an IceWing! Is this a joke? Did someone pay you to make a fool out of me?"
—Eagle to a confused Hailstorm in Winter Turning.

Not to be confused with Eagle, a historical SkyWing ambassador featured in Darkstalker (Legends).

Eagle is a male SkyWing soldier that Prince Hailstorm, under the guise of Pyrite, befriended during the War of SandWing Succession. He is described as being large and pinkish-red, the color of raw tuna[1]. Hailstorm, confused, tries to say hello to him and greets him like a friend. Eagle is disgusted by this and nearly chokes him before Meerkat comes by and orders him to stop by order of the Enclave. Eagle then relaxes, and buys Qibli's explanation that he got hit on the head in battle.


Winter TurningEdit

While Winter, Qibli, and Hailstorm were waiting outside Mayfly's shop in Possibility, a group of SkyWings passed by. Hailstorm, in a state of confusion after being Pyrite for so long, called out to Eagle, along with two other SkyWing war veterans, remembering how they and Pyrite fought together in the war. Eagle reacted in rage, thinking that Hailstorm was mocking him. He grabbed Hailstorm by the throat, and was only stopped from strangling him by Meerkat, who told him to stop "by order of the Enclave". Eagle immediately dropped Hailstorm, apologizing profusely, and stating that he had seen many head injuries from the war, before departing from the watching crowd.


Eagle seems to be bad tempered, as shown when he growled at Winter and Qibli. He also seemed to quickly judge dragons, since he thought that Hailstorm, while confused, was playing a joke on him for money. However, Eagle was also shown to have a slight sympathetic side, as he showed a little pity when Qibli told them that Hailstorm was a friend, and that he had a "head injury". However, he might have been faking it, as he seems to hate IceWings.

Trivia Edit

  • Eagle shares a name with Eagle from Darkstalker (Legends).
  • He is the fifth character to share a name with another dragon.
  • An eagle is a type of bird of prey.
  • He may have recent history with Meerkat. 

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Winter Turning, page 255

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