"We do not tolerate dangerous differences in the Sky Kingdom,"
—Eagle, to Lagoon about animus dragons

Not to be confused with Eagle, a former SkyWing soldier solely featured in Winter Turning.

Eagle was a SkyWing ambassador with shiny, polished red scales[1] featured in Darkstalker (Legends) who, like most SkyWings, was characteristically grumpy. He accompanied Princess Sunset when they came to the SeaWings' Island Palace to negotiate about the shore villages that bordered their territories. Queen Lagoon held an elaborate party to welcome them, but this was abruptly cut short when Prince Albatross finally lost his sanity and slaughtered many members of the SeaWing royal family. He then tried to kill Eagle and Sunset when they tried to escape, stabbing Eagle in the chest - presumably missing his heart - and slicing the largest artery in Sunset's neck. Sunset died from her own wound, but somehow, miraculously, Eagle survived, though brutally injured. Eagle warned the SeaWings about animus powers before returning to the Sky Kingdom after Albatross was killed, swearing to avenge Princess Sunset.

Later telling his kingdom about the massacre, the SeaWings paid with gems and seafood, along with removing the SeaWing settlements just inside the border of the Sky Kingdom (which is what Sunset and Eagle had originally come to negotiate with Lagoon about), in return for the Sky Kingdom not to tell any other kingdom about the incident.

Trivia Edit

  • Eagle was noted to be a noble.
  • He shares a name with Eagle from Winter Turning.
  • He was one of the five characters whose name has been reused, although in his case, it is probably common to reuse a name after such a long period of time.
  • Eagle is the only dragon so far to survive an attempted injury to the heart.
  • An eagle is a bird of prey.

Quotes Edit

"Everything is so . . . raw."

"What is this?" - About a statue of Queen Lagoon.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Darkstalker (Legends), page 62


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