Ermine is an IceWing dragonet in the Quartz Winglet attending Jade Mountain Academy. Ermine is never mentioned by name in Moon Rising, Winter Turning, or Escaping Peril, but they were seen in Talons of Power, and might be featured in some of the upcoming books as well.


Moon RisingEdit

Moon mentions a large group of IceWings which Ermine was most likely a part of.

Talons of PowerEdit

Ermine is shown in the library with two other IceWings and might have been the dragonet to attack and get pinned down by Darkstalker. However, that would mean they were female.


  • An ermine is an alternative name for a stoat, a type of weasel.
  • Usually people use the word ermine for the white furred stoats in the winter.
  • An ermine is also a stout-bodied moth that has cream or white wings with black spots, and a very hairy caterpillar.
  • Ermine is one of the three IceWing students attending Jade Mountain Academy with no known gender.

Gallery Edit

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