"She has about twenty more at home. Talks about them constantly, feeds them the best fruits, grooms them with her own claws, and whenever she's queen, she has everyone build tiny hammocks for the sloths to sleep in and weave them tiny flower necklaces. No dragon is as important to her as these sloths."
—Kinkajou explaining Exquisite's obsession with sloths in The Hidden Kingdom.

Exquisite is a female RainWing and was one of the former RainWing queens who were sharing the throne before Glory won the RainWing Royal Challenge. She is completely "obsessed with sloths" and according to Kinkajou, would probably choose sloths over her subjects.


When she was competing for the RainWing throne, Exquisite's scales matched the same silvery color as her sloths, with a soft shimmer, "like the wind brushing against silver fur."[1] She is sleek, has strong shoulders and big wings[2], as well as a longer tail than Jambu[3].


The Hidden KingdomEdit

Exquisite competed against Jambu in the treetop-gliding competition in Glory's challenge for the RainWing throne. She won by a narrow margin because several sloths threw a vine around Jambu's neck. They were not proved to be Exquisite's sloths, although it is highly likely. Enraged, Glory accused her of using the sloths to cheat, but Magnificent claims that they are "not nearly smart enough for that." Exquisite defends with, "They most certainly are! But they would never do such a thing." Exquisite then tells the sloths that "Auntie Maggie", much to Magnificent's chagrin, isn't mad at them, and she's just not very happy today.

She lost her position as queen when Queen Grandeur forfeited the venom spitting match.

Winter Turning Edit

Exquisite is a guard of the NightWing village in Winter Turning. She rushes in and flares her wings when Prince Winter tries to eat a sloth named Toe-Fur, claiming Toe-Fur to be "no one's lunch", especially after one of "the black dragons already got one", seemingly referring to a NightWing.


Exquisite, like most of the other RainWings, isn't dutiful as a queen should be, not wanting to do any work. She apparently loves sloths and owns more than anyone else in the kingdom, and forces her subjects to make them hammocks and such when she is queen. She doesn't seem to be exceptionally lazy, due to her at least being able to keep up with Jambu in the treetop-gliding race, and it would be impossible for her to be lazy due to the excessive amount of pet sloths she has. She is said to have at minimum twenty sloths.



"They most certainly are! ...But they would never do such a thing."-To Glory about when she accused her of cheating

"Toe-fur is nobody's lunch! Those nasty black dragons have already gotten one of my sloths." -To Prince Winter when he tried to eat one of her sloths

“I’ll be back in a moment darlings. I just have to win this race for Auntie Maggie” - Exquisite to her sloths

Trivia Edit

  • She is a pet hoarder.
  • When it is Exquisite's turn to rule, she often has the RainWings make small flower accessories and hammocks for her sloths.
  • It is possible that Exquisite may have been abandoned or not had any friends when she was younger, as pet-hoarding often develops from those types of lonesome experiences.
  • She considers Magnificent to be her sloths' "Auntie Maggie".
  • Exquisite is the second Ex-Queen to appear after the third book the other is Granduer.
  • One of Exquisite's sloths' names is Toe-Fur.
  • One of her favorite colors is silver, like her sloths.
  • Exquisite means extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate.

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References Edit

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