"We're going to be exploded and covered in lava and melted and dead!"
—Splendor on the NightWing Island, right before the NightWing Exodus, during the events of The Dark Secret.

Ex-Queen Splendor is a female RainWing, and was one of the six queens that took turns ruling her tribe, up until the NightWings kidnapped her (along with sixteen others), before the events of The Hidden Kingdom. She was the only queen to be captured. The NightWings thought that if they had the RainWing Queen the RainWings would subject to NightWing rule; they didn't realize that there were more queens taking turns ruling and that the RainWings didn't even realize that Splendor was gone.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

According to Mangrove, Splendor was the first RainWing to be kidnapped by the NightWings. Kinkajou later mentioned her as one of the captured RainWings, when she was in the NightWing fortress. The other RainWings had brushed it off and the other queens just skipped Splendor's turn.

The Dark SecretEdit

It is revealed the NightWings assumed that if they captured the RainWings' queen, the tribe would obey them, seeing their queen at their mercy. However, this plan failed, as there wasn't much of a RainWing monarchy, and most RainWings barely even noticed her absence except for Mangrove. Splendor sprayed Vengeance with venom when he captured her, scarring him for life and making him hate RainWings. In The Dark Secret, Starflight and Fatespeaker see her as one of the captives in the dungeon. Deathbringer had been locked in a cage beside Splendor. Shortly before the volcano erupts, Starflight and Glory free her. She was described as terrified, her scales an acid green with fear, and wails that there is lava coming through the wall and that they are all going to die. She ignores Starflight and Glory's attempts to calm her. Despite her shock, she survives and makes it back to the rainforest. 

Trivia Edit

  • Splendor means magnificent and splendid in appearance. 
  • Splendor is the only RainWing that spat venom at the NightWing that captured her, Vengeance, albeit on accident. 



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