"Starflight, you were so brave."
—Fatespeaker to Starflight in The Dark Secret.

Fatespeaker is a female NightWing dragonet and one of the false dragonets of the prophecy. She was hatched in the Night Kingdom a few months after the brightest night and then taken to the Talons of Peace as a dragonet. She seemed to slightly remember the smoky air and dark sky of the Night Kingdom, though her memories are very faint. She appeared to have faith that her powers are real and continually proclaim her visions are true; in Moon Rising, Darkstalker commented that she may have faint powers of prophecy, but not mind reading, which is strange because only mind readers have the silver scales near their eyes. However, he also commented that most of her predictions come from her imagination. It has since been confirmed that she is not a seer, but rather an empath; she can sense emotions coming from other dragons, while not actually being able to read minds [1]. Squid, another false prophecy dragonet, said she was the only one who wasn't a bully, although he thinks she's crazy. Fatespeaker seems to consider the other false dragonets as her "friends", although the feeling does not appear to be mutual. She most likely has a crush on Starflight, and Sunny had been a little jealous around them, though she let Fatespeaker be with Starflight because she liked him more as a brother.

Appearance Edit

Fatespeaker has midnight-black scales[2] with deep blue and purple underscales. She has two silver teardrop scales, one in each corner of each eye, though not as shiny or big as Moonwatcher's. She has a band of silver scales around one ankle as if she is wearing an anklet and a few scattered on her tail[3], which Sunny describes to be "as if she were born with her own treasure". Her wings also have scattered silver scales on their undersides like all NightWings.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

In the prologue, Fatespeaker is fighting with all the other false dragonets. She is highly interested in Morrowseer's arrival, claiming - probably falsely - to have predicted it. In the epilogue, she has another supposed 'vision' about feasting on a walrus, and the other false dragonets refuse to listen and yell that they don't want to hear it, claiming that she is lying and she had already made that prediction before, which didn't turn out to be true. She then sees Starflight enter, and has a 'vision' predicting that Starflight will be important in the future. This vision, as it came true, may be proof of her slight powers. These 'visions' are most likely faux because she has twin teardrop shaped silver scales in the corners of her eyes, the sign of a mind reader. However, she may have faint abilities in either of these fields or even both, if she was hatched within days of the brightest night.

The Dark SecretEdit

Fatespeaker sneaks out of her room and follows Starflight and Morrowseer, being very blunt about being a 'Dragonet of Destiny'. When Starflight tells her that he is the dragonet, she is surprised. Morrowseer mentions that Starflight could replace her, and the other false dragonets jump to that, saying that they wanted Starflight due to how annoying they find Fatespeaker's constant predictions. Fatespeaker, oblivious to how they feel about her, believes them to be joking.

When Morrowseer orders the false dragonets to kill Starflight and he runs away, she figures out where he's hiding, and after says that she thinks he's "crazy-smart" and "crazy-brave", and shows pity to the trapped RainWings. She refuses to kill him, and that night they sneak out and Starflight finds a dreamvisitor in the destroyed wing of the NightWing fortress. They sneak out again to follow Flame, who asks Deathbringer about being an assassin. She claims to have a vision that they will convince Queen Battlewinner not to kill the dragonets or torture the RainWings, and they find the tunnel to her behind a detailed map of Pyrrhia. She is scared of Queen Battlewinner at first, seeing as she was immersed in a vat of lava, and was unable to convince her to join their side.

Later, Morrowseer tries to make the dragonets convince a group of SkyWings to change their alliance to Blister and forces Starflight to convince the soldiers in the place of Fatespeaker. When Morrowseer banishes Squid, Fatespeaker is horrified and sad, knowing that he will probably not survive.

During a practice fight, Fatespeaker is pitted against Flame. Viper joins in, prompting Starflight to join as well. Viper pins her to the ground and blames Fatespeaker and her tribe for the horrible experiences at the Night Kingdom. Viper tries to kill her, but Starflight stops her which leads to Viper being accidentally knocked into a river of lava, and her tail accidentally slices across Flame's face. Fatespeaker was distraught over this and Flame's accidental, seemingly-mortal injury caused by the SandWing's poisonous barb.

When Starflight decides to save the RainWings, Fatespeaker joins him. They sneak Flame out of the healer's room and use him as a ploy to convince guards to let them through the tunnels. Fatespeaker and Sunny hit it right off when they meet in the rainforest: finding lots of common ground, Queen Glory comments that they have "twin souls".

During the invasion of the Night Kingdom, she helps convince the NightWings to accept Glory as queen. After Starflight escapes the burning tunnels, she presses up against his side and tells him that he was brave. She also stood up against Morrowseer when he tried to get in the portal.

The Brightest NightEdit

Fatespeaker accompanies Starflight, Tsunami, and Clay out of the tunnel and into the rainforest. They cause a commotion, during which Sunny is captured. Fatespeaker then stays in the rainforest to be with Starflight as he recovers from his injuries. Later, Sunny escapes and returns to the rainforest. Fatespeaker is present with Starflight, who is slowly recovering. Sunny starts to feel jealous of Fatespeaker and Starflight.

On the night of the meeting, she accompanies the dragonets to Burn's stronghold and predicts that the Orb in the Sky would come down and kill them all. Starflight remarks that her visions are not real, and she replies that they "feel real".

When a dragonbite viper is loose after it kills Burn, Sunny and Fatespeaker attempt to carry Starflight off of the ground, but Starflight was too heavy for Sunny and Fatespeaker. Clay then shoves them out of the viper's way and gets bitten himself as a result of his selflessness, but survives due to Peril's aid.

In the epilogue, Sunny tells Starflight that she loves him, but as a brother, and that he should be with Fatespeaker, who Sunny believes loves him as much more than a brother. Later, Sunny mentions teaching everyone that NightWings didn't have powers. Miffed, Fatespeaker replies she still had powers and that the Orb in the Sky might still come back and kill them, but in the end fails to convince them.


Fatespeaker appeared as an egg and the only other egg except for Starflight's in the hatchery. When Fierceteeth tells Morrowseer if he needs a replacement she would like to be one. But he glances at Fatespeaker's egg, hinting that she would be the replacement. Morrowseer also says to Farsight that the egg won't be hatching until after the brightest night by a few months. In the Dark Secret, Fatespeaker tells Starflight that she was born a few months after the brightest night, hinting that she was in the egg.

Moon RisingEdit

Fatespeaker is a helper at the Jade Mountain Academy, greeting dragonets and ringing the gong when necessary. She greeted Moonwatcher by mysteriously guessing her name and "hinting" that she was a mind reader but knew that the power wasn't realistic anymore. She then reassures Moon that she was just joking. Fatespeaker hands Moon her welcome scroll and her map. Later, she was seen reading scrolls to Starflight in the library when Moon, Kinkajou, and Carnelian come in.

At first, Moon suspected that Fatespeaker may have powers, but Darkstalker claimed that if she had any, then they were extremely weak, or that she may have been supposed to have powers, but for some reason ended up not getting them.

Talons of Power Edit

She appears helping Starflight in the library. She seems shocked when she sees Darkstalker and is worried that her 'visions' haven't shown her about Darkstalker. She closes her eyes and tries to have a vision. She says that she sees darkness ahead, to which Darkstalker said that's because she was closing her eyes.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Fatespeaker is shown with Starflight during the IceWing-NightWing fight, going off to rescue Tsunami, who had been captured earlier in the book.


Fatespeaker is shown as very similar to Sunny, who aspires to peace and friendship. She is often very talkative and chatty. She is very optimistic and sympathetic and prefers not to fight. She formed an apparent friendship with Mightyclaws, talking about the collapsed part of the fortress among other things. She also can be a tad stubborn, especially about her visions. She secretly regrets her supposed "NightWing powers", saying they are "totally useless." She can be somewhat naive and originally thought the rest of the False Dragonets were her friends.


Starflight Edit

When Starflight arrived at the Night Kingdom in the epilogue of The Hidden Kingdom, Fatespeaker had a feeling he was a part of her destiny. She quickly initiated a friendship with him and followed him around. When battling Flame and Viper, Fatespeaker had trusted Starflight to help her. She has said he's "lucky" that he doesn't have any NightWing powers. In The Brightest Night, Fatespeaker was revealed by Sunny to have romantic affections toward Starflight. Tui has confirmed Starspeaker will be happening which means Fatespeaker and Starflight could be in a relationship in DoD.


As of when Fatespeaker met Sunny, they almost instantly became good friends. They ended up talking to each other, asking questions and sharing information about themselves, until Glory told them to either go off and discover their twin souls elsewhere or help with battle planning, to which they replied "battle planning", at the exact same time. However, Sunny occasionally felt a little jealousy towards Fatespeaker when she was around Starflight, but ended up rejecting Starflight, even to the point of encouraging Starflight to care more about Fatespeaker. That caused Sunny and Fatespeaker to become closer, however.

The Other False Dragonets (Ochre, Viper, Squid, Flame) Edit

Fatespeaker thinks that the other False Dragonets are her friends, but they clearly don't think the same. Multiple times, her "friends" have said they wished she would die, and Viper once tried to kill her. Even so, she still cares for them and was distraught when Viper died and Squid left. She now seems to realize that they dislike her, though she may still have some lingering loyalty.

Predictions Edit

So far her predictions include, but are not limited to:

  • A NightWing would come to visit them: True.
  • The NightWing brought something great for breakfast: False.
  • An earthquake: True.
  • A new Talon of Peace: True.
  • Something besides seagulls for breakfast: False.
  • A walrus to eat (on multiple occasions): False.
  • That Starflight was important to her destiny: True.
  • That Starflight's name was Bigtoes: False.
  • That she and Starflight will find Queen Battlewinner and convince her to join their side: False.
  • That she and Starflight will survive: True.
  • That she and Starflight will do great things together: True.
  • That she and Starflight will become King and Queen of the NightWings: Undetermined.
  • That Starflight will live forever: Undetermined.
  • That the Orb in the Sky, the comet, will fall on Pyrrhia and kill them: True and yet false.
  • That she sees darkness ahead with Darkstalker coming: True

Fatespeaker believes her predictions are correct, just not accurately timed.


"My visions are not always precise, it does not say when this walrus will arrive, only that it will, and then we shall feast. And everything will be wonderful again." - in The Hidden Kingdom Epilogue, on her walrus vision.

"I'm just letting you know that I'm NOT TELLING YOU ABOUT IT, even though I'm sure it's VERY SIGNIFICANT." - trying to get the other false dragonet's attention on her Starflight vision.

"Leave him alone, he's telling you the truth about the prophecy. I have the wrong hatching day, too, and you know that." - to Morrowseer, defending Starflight after he pointed out the False Dragonets couldn't be the Dragonets of Destiny.

"...If you have no powers. I've always been so excited about being a NightWing. I thought my powers must be the most amazing thing. But clearly, they're totally useless, if they couldn't even warn me about what was going to happen to my friends." - To Starflight after Viper's death.

"I like how you turned out," - to Starflight.

"Because you're my friend and it's the right thing to do." - to Flame when was asked why they would help him

Well. There's Fatespeaker. - Starflight's thoughts on Fatespeaker when he says there might not be any other dragon as good as his friends.

"Battle planning." - Sunny and Fatespeaker's reply after Glory tells them to either "go discover their twin souls somewhere else or help with battle planning".

"Starflight, you were so brave." - after Starflight got blinded by the NightWing volcano near the end of The NightWing Exodus.

"Except me, I TOTALLY have powers." - in The Brightest Night

"No! It doesn't have to be you! It especially doesn't have to be you! You've done enough." - to Starflight about ending the war

"Well, it COULD STILL COME BACK!" - on the comet, when it left without falling on Pyrrhia

"Almost as if I'm... reading your mind, eh?" - to Moonwatcher in Jade Mountain Academy

"Oh, no! I see... Darkness ahead!" - In Talons of Power, about her 'visions'

"I know, I heard you. But I got bored and I wanted to explore and I saw you flying by, so I thought I'd come, too. I can't believe I'm in the NightWing fortress at last!" - To Morrowseer

"I've had lots of prophetic dreams about it, you know. Although in those it was actually bigger and lighter and smelled way less terrible, plus it had a lot more treasure and seriously less grouchy dragons. Hmm. Maybe they were just regular dreams." - About the NightWing island

"I'm having a vision! Of us standing in front of Queen Battlewinner! This is going to work!" - When she and Starflight look for Queen Battlewinner's throne room.

"I'm pretty sure you're down there because it's a crazy-smart and crazy-brave thing to do, which sounds like you." -To Starflight when he was running away from Flame and Ochre

"Of course, if you're not down there, I sound totally insane right now. There's a RainWing sitting next to me who is giving me the weirdest looks. What's happening? Nothing weird, just talking to a pit. Carry on looking miserable, don't mind me. Oooo, his ears went a little yellow. Does that mean amused or terribly annoyed? What do you think?"

"Look, destiny is destiny. I don't know why you're so worried about who's in the prophecy. You delivered it; now you can sit back and watch it happen. Whether it's me or Starflight, who cares?" -To Morrowseer

"I wish I could let you go, sad dragon. I'd need one of those long pointy sticks, though. Starflight, come on, get up here so we can talk about how to help all these sad dragons. I checked a few of the other caves and there are at least ten of them here, can you imagine?" -About the RainWing prisoners

"Sometimes you're just horrible." -To Viper

"I know that's what Stonemover said, but I think it doesn't apply to me. My visions are TOTALLY real, and when this moon-comet thing CRUSHES US ALL, everyone will be sorry for not listening to me." -Fatespeaker to Starflight about her powers.

"I saw it with my powers! And I foresee that he brought us something great for breakfast. Didn't you?" - to Morrowseer

"I've never met another NightWing before. Although, of course, I feel a very strong psychic connection with our whole tribe." - to Morrowseer


  • Fatespeaker had a memory of fire and rough scales scraping her back when she hatched, but she didn't remember until she came back to the Night Kingdom.
  • In Prisoners, when Morrowseer comes to get Starflight's egg, there was one other egg in the hatchery, but it wasn't due to hatch until after the brightest night. Presumably, that was Fatespeaker's egg.
  • Tui considered giving Fatespeaker her own book in the second arc but decided against it. Instead, Moonwatcher got the book.
  • Darkstalker said to Moonwatcher in Moon Rising that Fatespeaker could have very weak powers since she has the teardrop scales that symbolize mind reading, but hers are smaller than Moon's, so Fatespeaker might have nearly hatched in one or more of the full moons, or was supposed to. Her weak powers may be shown when some of her predictions come true, but most are off-track or inaccurate.
  • However, the scales mean mind reading, not prophecy, so her (weak, possibly nonexistent) powers may be entirely different.
  • Fatespeaker is usually depicted as dark purple in fan-art, although this has been proven false. She is midnight-black with a blue/purple underbelly.
  • It is likely, considering Fatespeaker's teardrop scales near her eyes, that despite what most people think, she could have weak mind reading powers instead of, or along with, her weak future sight ability, because as mentioned in Darkstalker (Legends), only mind readers, not seers, have the teardrop scales near their eyes. It is also possible that she has only a weak prophetic ability, and the scales are just chance.
  • She is only a few months younger than the real Dragonets of Destiny, as seen by her egg being in the hatchery at the same time as Starflight's.
  • Fatespeaker seems to have no problem making close relationships to dragons she doesn't even know, due to the fact that she mentioned becoming the NightWing Queen, with Starflight as King when she first meets Starflight.
  • Her names refers to her possible "ability" of speaking prophecy. (speaker of fate)
  • It is revealed by Sunny in the epilogue of The Brightest Night, that Fatespeaker is in love with Starlight and encourages him to love her, too. It might be possible he loves her back as he got embarrassed at the subject.
  • She is the only NightWing known to have scattered scales on her body (bracelet-like scales on her wrist), that don't relate to mind-reading abilities.


References Edit

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