Fearless is a female NightWing dragonet, attending Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Silver Winglet.

Appearance Edit

Fearless has black scales[1] and was said to be small[2]. The item Darkstalker enchanted for her is a bracelet made from a pair of silver and black wires hastily twisted together that is barely visible on her wrist[3].

Biography Edit

The Dark Secret Edit

Fearless is most likely one of the dragonets that was with Starflight when he woke up in the dormitory, but she wasn't mentioned by name.

Talons of Power Edit

At first, Fearless attacks Darkstalker, along with Mightyclaws and Mindreader. She is then later introduced to Darkstalker by Moonwatcher, when she asks Darkstalker some questions about the Lost City of Night. Then, she asks Moon a barrage of questions once she is told that Moon has mind reading powers and prophecy abilities. After Darkstalker states that he can enchant objects without consequence, Fearless runs out of the room to give Darkstalker something to enchant. Coming back with a hurriedly-made bracelet made out of twisted wire, she asks for super strength, and then tests it out by slamming her tail into a stalactite, shattering it on impact.

She goes with Mindreader, Anemone, Darkstalker, Sunny, and Moon to save Stonemover, when it is revealed that he is in danger. Later in the book, she goes to the Night Kingdom with the NightWings and later, back to the Lost City of Night with most of the NightWings.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Fearless is shown briefly in the Battle of Jade Mountain, attempting to attack an IceWing (possibly Lynx). Winter comes between them and breathes frostbreath onto her wing, causing her to crash. Wounded, she dragged herself into the shelter of a small cave. 

Later, in the epilogue of the book, Clay mentioned that Fearless, Tamarin, and Pike were doing a presentation about Darkstalker's history for school.

Trivia Edit

  • Fearless is one of the few dragons noted to survive a frostbreath injury, alongside Qibli and Queen Battlewinner.

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References Edit

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