Flounder is a male SeaWing guard serving under Queen Coral. He appears briefly in the second book in the Wings of Fire series, The Lost Heir, where he is seen guarding Clay, Sunny, Starflight, and Glory outside their cave and withholding the keys to the shackles.


The Lost HeirEdit

Flounder was one of the SeaWing guards on duty when Clay was chained to the floor of the Summer Palace. The other guards were Snail, Kelp, and Herring. Tsunami later convinced them (instead of hurting them) to free Clay, since they'd be disobeying orders if they knowingly allowed the Dragonets of Destiny to drown. It's revealed later that they were under the order of Commander Shark, who was sent to prison (for a short time, being royalty) for attempting to kill the dragonets of destiny.

Trivia Edit

  • A flounder is a group of flatfish species.
  • The color of a flounder's body can show what its emotional state is. If a flounder feels like it's in danger, it will usually become paler.

Gallery Edit

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