General Sandstorm was a former SandWing general in Burn's army who died in a battle against the Outclaws and Thorn (who were trying to get Sunny back) at Burn's stronghold during The War of the SandWing Succession. While Smolder was showing Sunny the empty treasury, Camel came running in exclaiming that they were under attack and that General Sandstorm was already dead. It is unknown who from the Outclaws killed him.


The Brightest NightEdit

Sandstorm was placed in charge of the defense of Burn's Stronghold while Burn was off searching for the dragonets. Sandstorm was killed in a battle against Thorn and the Outclaws in their attempt to rescue Sunny. Camel told Smolder about Sandstorm's death while Smolder was showing Sunny the old treasure chambers. Sandstorm was probably killed by Thorn herself, but we aren't completely sure.

Trivia Edit

  • A sandstorm is a strong, dry, wind carrying clouds of sand with it, especially in a desert.


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