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Queen Glory
Character information
Age Six years old
Gender Female
Occupation Queen of the NightWings and RainWings
Tribe RainWings
Residence Rainforest Kingdom
Relatives Jambu (older half brother), Queen Grandeur (distant relative) Unknown mother, Unknown father, Unknown siblings and cousins
Special Powers
Book Appearances The Dragonet Prophecy, The Lost Heir, The Hidden Kingdom, The Dark Secret, The Brightest Night, Moon Rising (mentioned)
Quote "Boy, I don't know. I mean, if you want to be queen one day, you'll have to be bossy, controlling, full of yourself... oh, wait."

Glory is a RainWing and an unofficial Dragonet of Destiny, in addition to being the current queen of the RainWings and NightWings. Her partner is Deathbringer of the NightWings. She is the main protagonist in The Hidden Kingdom--the third book of the Wings of Fire series. Her replacement in the prophecy is the equally short tempered, SkyWing dragonet, Flame.


Glory and Kinkajou


Glory feigned indifference to many things, especially those that hurt her the most emotionally. She suffered terribly from the partly-true prejudice that RainWings were all lazy fruit eaters that were not good for anything at all, and this hurt her far more severely than she ever let on to her friends. She has placed a lot of effort into her studies and other activities in order to prove this misconception to be wrong, although Kestrel and Dune ignored this and continued to claimed she was lazy and worthless like the rest of her tribe. Although, when Morrowseer came, she didn't bother to show any skills she might have had, because she claimed it was really pointless. Webs, however, argued that she was smarter than she let the minders know.

She seems also very caring towards her friends, even though she also feigned indifference to this as well. Once, she was subject to their approval when Clay suggested that Peril could be the missing SkyWing dragonet, she was rather hurt and considered leaving the other dragonets. With Princess Tsunami's help. She is also quite sarcastic and snarky, often grumpy as well; overall, she often gets moody. Tsunami refers to her as "the least trusted" for her sneaky and mysterious actions.

She is shown to be rude and feisty because of lack of sunlight. Throughout the series she is sarcastic, grumpy, and snaps at everyone. Other RainWings recharge on the light and that is what makes them so mellowed. Since she was deprived of it from a lifetime of living under a mountain, she may be a lot harsher than a normal RainWing would be. In addition, since she rarely experienced "Sun Time" when she was younger, her scales aren't as vibrant as other RainWings. This made her the only Rainwing who cares and the only one to use her venom on others. Glory didn't want to let her friends now this, because she didn't want them to pity her. She continues to stay rude and grumpy all the way until she's queen.
Photo on 1-23-14 at 5


It is possible that she is uncomfortable touching other dragons for the reason that Kestrel and Dune would abuse her, often for a reason that did not concern her, like the war was going badly. Most RainWings don't mind, though, making this trait her's and not a RainWing instinct or characteristic.


The Dragonet Prophecy

Glory was stolen as a last-minute replacement by their guardian Webs (fled the Kingdom of the Sea} for the broken SkyWing egg that was smashed. She was then raised with the other dragonets Clay, Tsunami, Starflight and Sunny. She was constantly bullied by the  


guardians, especially Kestrel. Glory trained and studied harder than anyone else to try to prove herself to them that she wasn't lazy.

When Clay and Tsunami formed a plan to escape, Glory was hesitant, saying that they shouldn't risk their lives for her.

At the SkyWing Palace, Glory was chained to a marble tree and acted as Queen Scarlet's "art" in the arena fights. When Fjord was about to kill Clay, Princess Tsunami attempted to jump off the ledges to distract everyone while Queen Glory shot venom on Fjord's face causing him to die painfully. When Clay was fighting Peril in the arena as part of The Champion's Shield, Glory shot venom onto Queen Scarlet, causing the SkyWings to be distracted while Peril helped the Dragonets of Destiny escape. When Clay wanted to free Kestrel, Glory objected, trying to remind the others about how Kestrel wanted to kill her. When the dragonets were traveling to the MudWing Kingdom, Glory and Tsunami played a trick on Clay because Glory thought that he wanted her to leave.

In the Mud Kingdom Glory went along with Clay to try to find his parents. They find out that Clay's mother doesn't care about him, so they begin to leave. Clay then finds his siblings, who tell them all about the MudWing tribes and how he could be their bigwings. Clay refuses because he doesn't want to take Reed's place, and he needed to stay with his friends to stop the war.

Glory is there when Starflight is dropped off by Morrowseer, right when Clay was giving his speech about them staying together. 

Glory then travels with them to the SeaWing Kingdom, to meet Tsunami's family.
Wings of Fire the Dragon queens

Glory is the bottom middle right.

The Lost Heir

Glory is perched on a rock, and soon a SkyWing patrol comes. She hid in the


sand, then Tsunami attacked the SkyWing who opened his mouth (Glory believed he was yawning). She brings him up out of the sea (as an attempt to drown him). Glory got mad because Tsunami let him live. She is one of the only ones who didn't need a blind fold to enter the summer palace (the others being Tsunami and Starflight). During the rest of the Lost Heir she is imprisoned by Coral. She then is let free to eat breakfast with the other dragonets, but is imprisoned again. They escape together and Webs got attacked by Blister and got a poisonous scratch near his tail, so they decide to go see the RainWings, to see whether they have knowledge on healing poisonous injuries.

The Hidden Kingdom


Glory is the main protagonist in this book.

It starts as Glory hoping that the RainWings are sensible dragons and nothing like the scrolls say. Then a MudWing patrol comes, so Glory is assigned to hide Webs but she refuses and hides Sunny instead. She wanders off to follow the MudWings and hear their conversation, but she finds that they are dead with their necks cut open. They continue on and enter the Rainforest Kingdom.

One by one all the dragonets disappear except for Glory and Starflight, and she finds out that the RainWings had shot them with sleeping darts and camouflaged them, so they won't hurt them. She and Starflight go in the Rainforest Kingdom, and she learns about sun time, where RainWings sleep in the middle of the day, to make them smarter, braver, and prettier. Glory decides not to tell her friends, because she didn't need their pity.

She learns that RainWings have no families and they don't count their eggs, so Glory's egg was stolen without the RainWings catching Webs. Also, they didn't really care about her egg getting stolen. They don't read or write, and they do a lot of sleeping. But when RainWings started disappearing from their homes, the RainWing queen wouldn't do anything to save them, so Glory decides to challenge her for the throne, but instead of killing her, they play multiple games and Glory wins.

The Dark Secret

Glory believed that Starflight left the Rainforest Kingdom to tell the NightWings about her army. Starflight later uses a dreamvistor and visits Glory's dream, he tells her that he was kidnapped and all the plans of the NightWings. When Starflight (along with Fatespeaker and Flame) return to the Rainforest Kingdom, Glory is overjoyed to see Starflight. Glory and her RainWings sneak into the Night Kingdom to save the captured RainWings. Glory, Starflight, and Fatespeaker go to Queen Battlewinner's throne to talk with her, while Glory and Battlewinner are arguing, Starflight comes up with the idea, so letting the NightWings live in the Rainforest Kingdom as long as they bow to Queen Glory. Battlewinner refuses and jumped out of the lava,


saying that she would lead her tribe to safety, but she quickly froze to death. Then the ground starts shaking and lava starts to pour through the walls, Glory took Starflight with her to save Deathbringer, and they fly back to the others to tell the NightWings about their plan. The NightWings bowed to her and fly off to the Rainforest Kingdom. Then the volcano erupted and the dragonets flew out, with Starflight injured.

The Brightest Night

Glory is outraged when she found out her entire life was ruined by Morrowseer. She is also furious to find out of Morrowseer's demise and responds by saying,"I AM GOING TO BITE THAT DRAGONS HEAD OFF AND STUFF HIM IN A VOLCANO!" Later, when Sunny returns she is relieved saying that, "Now I can totally behead you." She votes on choosing Blister because she was the smartest. Glory also points out that if they're on Blister's side she'll leave them alone. She is one of
the dragons who helped Sunny dig up Queen Oasis' Grave to get the treasure buried with her.


Glory is somewhat clever at combat. She demonstrated knowledge of the dragon's anatomy by pressing a shuriken right to Deathbringer's neck, directly where the main artery is for a dragon. She is able to spit black venom from the two of her longest fangs, similar to an acid that melts anything living it comes into contact with; and has the ability to change color since she is a RainWing. She knows most stories and history and even memorized the map in the cave; she has a very good memory; she is noted to be rather intelligent because of this.


"Wake me if anything exciting happens, but make sure it's actually exciting, not Sunny-exciting."

"Do what you like, but I'm not a big mushy ball of forgiveness like you are, Clay."

"I like the one where we melt everyone's eyeballs on our way out the door."

"Um. All right. Do your best. And thanks and stuff."

"You'll have to call me 'Your Majesty.' I know. Won't it be hilarious?"


"It's normal to be scared. I'm scared. You'd have to be crazy not to be- well, crazy or Tsunami, which is basically the same thing. You just have to push that aside and do what you have to anyway."

" No WAY, A tree? In the FOREST?!"



Clay and Glory have known each other since hatching, and Clay tried to help Glory and the other dragonets hatch as the bigwings. Clay was very concerned for Glory when he realized the Talons of Peace wanted to kill her. As with the other three dragonets of destiny, she feels a deep bond to him, at one point admitting that she could never have made it under the mountain without him and the others.


Glory was not afraid of the strict SkyWing, but she had always held a deep grudge against her for abusing her and underestimating her greatly. She refused to rescue Kestrel from the Sky Kingdom as Kestrel did want to kill her.


Though he was less strict than Kestrel, she still hated him for stealing her egg and letting  Kestrel and Dune abuse her. In The Hidden Kingdom, she refused to camouflage him. She didn't even want to touch him. But as much as she hates him, she doesn't want to kill him for it, even though she said "Well, some of us don't" when it was mentioned that they don't want him to die.


Glory doesn't actually mind Tsunami's bossiness, but she still talks back because she thinks at least someone should stand up to Tsunami before her head gets too big for the rest of her. She is always sniping at Tsunami, even when Tsunami clearly isn't in the mood.


In The Hidden Kingdom, Glory decided Sunny was better to touch than Webs, even though she isn't comfortable touching other dragons. Glory was also extremely worried when Sunny went missing in The Brightest Night and held her talons in hers when she was found.


Glory is often annoyed by his know-it-all personality and rambling. She apparently knew about his crush on Sunny, and thought he should do something about it. She also shows affection to him at rare occasions.


When Glory first met him, she was disguised as an IceWing. Deathbringer gave her information about his mission, and then began to flirt with her. Glory was scared of him and his mission, but he helped her escape the NightWing island. The current status is 'more than friends.' In The Dark Secret, Deathbringer described her as beautiful, sarcastic, and fascinating. When Glory is helping him out of the prison, they hold each other's talons and Starflight sees; "they exchanged a look that said "thank you" and a whole lot more." Adding to that, in The Brightest Night, Glory and Deathbringer are constantly flirting with each other, and Deathbringer even put his wing around Glory, which she allowed.


Glory didn't know she had a brother until she met him in the Rainforest Kingdom. Glory was unimpressed with him at first, and thought of him just as ridiculous as the other RainWings. However, Jambu helped her get Blaze to meet the dragonets and nearly beat Exquisite in the tree-gliding competition, one of the five contests that decided who would be queen of the RainWings. He was only stopped by a vine that wrapped around his neck, and he nearly strangled himself. He appears to be one of her most trusted dragons now, even if he is incompetent.


The little dragonet met Glory when she was captured by the NightWings. She followed Glory in escaping, and claims that "I'll follow Glory anywhere!" when Glory threatens to take the throne by force. She did the venom targeting part of the contest to become queen and was injured by RainWing venom. She is later shown in a dream to see Glory as a big, beautiful queen, crowned and welcoming Kinkajou with open wings, while the other dragons stared at her enviously. 
RainWing K



  • Sutherland has mentioned on her blog that Glory is "probably her favorite so far." 
  • It has been revealed that Glory is afraid of the dark.
  • Glory once had the desire to be an animus as a young dragonet so that she can enchant her guardians' food to eat them, but changed her opinion when she knew the price of using animus magic.
  • She has a pet sloth named Silver.
  • Glory's scales are duller than those of most other RainWings, because she lived under a mountain with no sunlight for most of her life.
  • On the cover of The Hidden Kingdom, Glory does not have the strip of wing membrane that the RainWings should have.
  • On the cover of The Hidden Kingdom, the thorns going down her back don't go to the tip of her tail, as shown in the guide.
  • Glory is descended from the original line of RainWing queens.


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