The Great Ice Cliff is an animus touched wall that shoots large icicle spears at any dragon who is not an IceWing if they attempt to fly over the wall into the Ice Kingdom. It was an animus gift from an unknown and unnamed IceWing animus and was named the Gift of Defense. It was mentioned by Winter in Winter Turning when he and Hailstorm flew over it. The only way for a dragon that's from another tribe to fly over without getting killed is to put on one of three animus-touched bracelets that prevent the Great Ice Cliff's effects, they were called the Gift of Diplomacy. The reason the IceWings only have three bracelets may be because it would prevent large groups of dragons from other tribes from entering the Ice Kingdom.

In Darkstalker (Legends), Prince Arctic took Whiteout towards the IceWing territory to offer her talons in marriage in exchange for her life. The Cliff will also let IceWing hybrids pass over it safely as well since Typhoon says that being half IceWing is IceWing enough.

Trivia Edit

  • One of Blaze's soldiers decided to explore the Ice Kingdom, but as soon as she flew over the Great Ice Cliff, she was impaled by an ice spear, resulting in her death. Her snow-blanketed body was found alongside the Cliff.
  • It was created before Foeslayer came to the Ice Kingdom, because Arctic was the last Animus, and she took him on his "Gifting Day", so therefore the animus who created the wall would have already done their "Gifting Day", and be already finished enchanting their object and she said she had trouble getting over it to enter the Ice Kingdom.



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