"Our names don't always end up suiting us."
—Handsome talking about his name to Glory.

Handsome is an elderly male RainWing with a silvery tinge to his ruff[1]. When Glory challenged Magnificent for the crown, he was the one who suggested and hosted the peaceful royal RainWing competition to make Glory the queen of the RainWings. He was also the judge for the duel, and the one who declared the winner.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

Handsome was present in Magnificent's pavilion when Glory challenged the queen for the throne. He was the one who suggested the idea of a contest instead of a battle to avoid the death of any dragon, as this was tradition during the ancient RainWing times (though he notes that RainWings used to battle for the throne many generations ago, this info may have been passed down to each generation through stories as the RainWings do not have scrolls.) He organized and ran the tournament between the current RainWing queens and Glory's team, consisting of Mangrove, Kinkajou, Jambu, and Tamarin.

He brought up his past, in which Grandeur was challenged by many RainWings and had beat them easily numerous times.

He stated that he was displeased by the queens' deceiving actions in the tournament, although he did nothing to stop them since it wasn't technically in the rules. Handsome says this when he realizes that Magnificent had won the camouflaging contest by scaring Glory's sloth, Silver, and Handsome stated that Magnificent didn't win the contest 'by spirit'. When Glory was announced the new queen of the RainWings, Handsome was among the dragons who congratulated her.

Quotes Edit

"[My name's] Handsome. Our names don't always end up suiting us."

"We don't imprison, we banish. What could be worse than being thrown out of the Kingdom?" - To Glory about the RainWing ways

Trivia Edit

  • Handsome appears to be one of the two elderly RainWings who lived in a time when they weren't lazy, the other being Grandeur.
  • Like Grandeur, he was taught survival and fighting skills (i.e. using RainWing venom against other dragons).
  • Since his name seems "royal" (like Magnificent, Splendor, etc.) Handsome could be related to Grandeur and maybe even Queen Glory.
  • After introducing himself to Glory, Handsome says that "Our names don't always suiting us," so that may mean Handsome isn't handsome or is ugly.
  • He is able to impersonate bird calls very well, as during the Rainwing competition, he made a toucan call.


References Edit

  1. The Hidden Kingdom, page 215


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