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Harrier is a SkyWing guard of unknown gender posted to watch over Chameleon after he used the scroll to turn Princess Tourmaline back into Ruby. Chameleon changed into his NightWing form, Shapeshifter, and knocked them out in a single, powerful blow with his tail, as stated by the other guard posted on duty with them. Ruby later tells the other unnamed guard to go check if they are okay, and that they will not be punished. It is currently unknown what Harrier's fate is, but they are most likely alive, perhaps recovering from some head damage.


  • A harrier is a short-winged hawk who hunts for reptiles, small birds, and mammals in meadows and marshes during the day.
  • It is currently unknown if Chameleon did serious damage to Harrier, as he did break Kinkajou's ribs in Shapeshifter form.
  • Harrier appears to be a concern of Queen Ruby, as she immediately wanted to check if they were okay. However, the reason for her concern is unknown, but it may be Ruby's determination to be a good queen.
  • Males are gray above and whitish below with black wingtips, a dark trailing edge to the wing, and a black-banded tail. Female and immature harriers are brown, with black bands on the tail.


Queens  Present: Queen RubyEx-Queen Scarlet

 Historical: Queen Carmine


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