Heliconia is one of the RainWings in Queen Glory's secret, invisible guard, which is in place to quietly follow the queen and protect her from potential assassination attempts. The guard really isn't that secret, because Glory knows about them but other assassinators won't know about them. In Winter Turning, Glory accidentally mistook her for Banana. Heliconia politely and curtly states that it was a good guess.

Biography Edit

Winter Turning Edit

Glory mistook Heliconia for Banana while Heliconia was following her. She is then assigned to alerting the scout captains of the Queen to meet her at the pavilion as quickly as possible, though Heliconia doesn't want to leave her unguarded. It can be noted that she is very protective and polite towards Queen Glory.

Later, Heliconia wanted to refuse Winter entry to the hatchery, saying he looked too 'hostile', because Winter at that time wanted to establish IceWing superiority on a small scale of 0-2.

Trivia Edit

  • When Glory was calling to Heliconia, she accidentally called her "Banana", giving Prince Winter the idea that she was offering him a banana.
  • A heliconia is a large-leaved tropical American plant that bears spectacular flowers with brightly colored bracts. It grows normally in the Southern-East U.S.A.
  • Heliconia holds a lot of respect for Queen Glory as she doesn't seem to be angry when she was mistaken for Banana.
  • Heliconia also may have a lot of patience for the new queen.
  • Heliconia is supposed to be one of the RainWings that guards the dragon wingery.
  • Heliconia's scales have been described as "a rather hideous shade of pink" (WT, pg.54)

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