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In the epilogue of Talons of Power, a plague is spoken of that had started three days before the current day. Evidently, a great deal of the IceWing tribe or possibly all of it except for Winter. Alba, Changbai and Ermine had contracted it.

This disease was enchanted into existence by King Darkstalker. Every IceWing in Possibility was confirmed to have the sickness, as well as possibly every IceWing in the IceWing Kingdom. Typhoon mentioned that it did not spread like a normal disease. Only pure IceWings caught it, as Darkstalker didn't want to get himself sick.

Confirmed symptoms are coughing and fever. Eventually, as soon as three days or sometimes less, death can occur.

In Darkness of Dragons, Qibli sent his enchanted earrings to the IceWings, and every IceWing in the tribe apparently got the earrings, though not before twenty dragons had died, including Queen Glacier, making Snowfall the new queen.

These earrings cured all the IceWings of the plague because they made the wearer immune to Darkstalker's spells, and the plague was a Darkstalker spell.

Dragons Confirmed Sick or Deceased Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Only full IceWings can catch the plague. Hybrids cannot catch it because Darkstalker, being an IceWing hybrid, knew that he would catch it if he allowed hybrids to catch the sickness as well.
  • King Darkstalker made the plague due to his hatred of IceWings, because of what they did to Foeslayer, his mother, 2,000 years ago.
  • It may or may not be a coincidence that this occurred close to the same time as the events in other tribes mentioned in the epilogue.

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