The winglets are not to be confused with the Wings of Fire: Winglets, which are short e-books in the series.

Jade Mtn

Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain Academy was founded by the Dragonets of Destiny after the War of the SandWing Succession. It is an inter-tribal school located in the tallest mountain in PyrrhiaJade Mountain, in the southern half of the Claws of the Clouds Mountains in the Sky Kingdom. The Academy is divided into five winglets: the Jade Winglet, the Gold Winglet, the Silver Winglet, the Copper Winglet, and the Quartz Winglet, each containing a dragonet from each of the seven dragon tribes. Groups of two or three dragonets from a winglet share a cave, making them clawmates. Stonemover, Sunny's father, lives in a cave deep in the mountain, slowly turning to stone.

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The Winglets Edit

Jade Winglet Edit

The Jade Winglet was the winglet that the book Moon Rising was most focused upon.


Known clawmates:

  • Winter and Qibli
  • Moonwatcher, Kinkajou, and Carnelian
  • Turtle and Umber

Deceased: Carnelian

Royalty or trusted by royalty: Turtle (son of Queen Coral), Winter (nephew of Queen Glacier), Qibli (because of Queen Thorn), Kinkajou (because of Queen Glory), Carnelian (because of Queen Ruby), Moonwatcher (because of Queen Glory)

Only two dragonets are still at Jade Mountain. Carnelian is dead, and Umber left to get Sora to safety. Currently, Qibli and Winter remain at the school, and Turtle, Moon, and Kinkajou are in the Night Kingdom.

Gold Winglet Edit


Known clawmates:

  • Icicle and Sora
  • Tamarin and Onyx
  • Bigtail, Pike, and Flame

Deceased: Bigtail

Injured: Tamarin

Royalty or trusted by royalty: Icicle (niece of Queen Glacier), Pike (sent to take care of Anemone), Tamarin (because of Queen Glory)

No longer at Jade Mountain: Icicle (in the Ice Kingdom awaiting punishment), Sora (ran away with Umber)

Silver Winglet Edit


Known clawmates:

  • Anemone and Ostrich

Royalty or trusted by royalty: Anemone (daughter of Queen Coral), Ostrich (because of Queen Thorn)

Copper Winglet Edit


Known clawmates:

  • Marsh and Coconut

Quartz Winglet Edit


Known clawmates: None

The Founders and other dragons at Jade Mountain Academy Edit

Clay is the prey area overseer, and the nurse.

Tsunami is head of school.

Starflight is the librarian.

Sunny is the main founder.

Webs is the history teacher.

Fatespeaker is Starflight's helper.

Peril was invited to Jade Mountain, but she was busy hunting Queen Scarlet, though eventually she arrived later on. Clay let her stay as the others were uncertain. When she came to the academy, she was mostly rejected by the other dragons, yet she stayed in the mountain to avoid Queen Ruby. She later left with Turtle to hunt down Queen Scarlet.

Description Edit

The Library Edit

The entrance, as described by Moonwatcher, starts off as a side corridor lined with hanging scrolls. Many of them have quotes on the such as "Knowledge is a flame in the darkness" and "The claws of war are no match for the wings of wisdom." At the end, a room full of iridescent green sunlight is present. Scrolls were everywhere, in cubbyholes on the walls, racks, and cylinders around the cave. Every corner had a spot to curl up and read in, sometimes a rock ledge, sometimes a pile of mosses and sometimes carpets. Sunlight came down from skylights in the roof and filtered through leaves covering the windows. There's a circular wooden desk labeled 'LIBRARIAN' in the center where Starflight manages the scrolls.

Trivia Edit

  • Jade Mountain Academy is the first known school where dragons of all tribes are taught together.
  • It currently houses most of the dragonets of destiny.
  • Books six through ten appear to focus on the Jade Winglet.
  • Anemone, Turtle, Icicle, and Winter are the only known royal figures in the winglets.

Gallery Edit

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