"Like, we're pretty sure I'm not going to actually lose all my teeth all of a sudden one day. Or forget to study for my final exams."
—Jewel-eyes to Clearsight in Darkstalker (Legends).

Jewel-eyes was a NightWing dragonet of an unknown gender who Clearsight first met at the NightWing school. They, along with Morrowwatcher and Vision, were impressed that Clearsight had managed to find the Tower of Knowledge not only on her first day but so quickly. Along with the aforementioned dragonets, Jewel-eyes was a member of the advanced seers class taught by Allknowing, Queen Vigilance's head seer prior to Clearsight. Due to her prophetic powers, Jewel-eyes must have been born under at least one full moon, though it is unknown whether or not she has telepathy.

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"Like, we're pretty sure I'm not actually going to forget to study for exams."

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  • Their name might be a reference to their precognition, and them being an advanced seer. They also may have had an interest in jewels, although this is unknown. It also might be referring to their having pretty, or jewel-like eyes.

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