"Apparently, she might try to kill me if I stay right here."
—Kindle to Six-Claws about Burn in Deserter.

Kindle is a female SandWing who made her first appearance as a doctor in Burn's army in Deserter. She later fled to the Scorpion Den with Six-Claws.


Deserter Edit

Kindle was a nurse, but she left Burn's army with Six-Claws and Dune after Burn ripped apart Dune's wing as a demonstration to Six-Claws of what would happen if her orders were questioned. The trio went to the Scorpion Den together.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Though not appearing directly, Qibli remembers how she and Six-Claws asked him to look after Ostrich. A drawing of her and Six-Claws is shown in Ostrich's cave while Qibli is searching the school.

Personality Edit

Six-Claws described her to be calm and efficient, qualities he liked about her. She was horrified at what Burn did to her own soldier, leading to her decision to leave with Six-Claws.

Trivia Edit

  • Kindle is likely based of kindling. Kindling is what is used to help start a fire.

Gallery Edit

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