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"So you can tell me what exactly you were doing so far outside the palace."
—Char to Blaze

King Char was the husband of Queen Oasis and the last known king of the SandWings. He is a minor character in Deserter, only featured when he awards Six-Claws's and Dune's positions as soldiers. He was described to be a tall, burly dragon[1]. It was also said that he would only have as much power as Queen Oasis let him, meaning that the power of the kings is granted and limited by the queens. He was also kicked out of the palace several times for months at a time whenever he angered Queen Oasis.

Biography Edit

Deserter Edit

When Six-Claws saves Blaze from the sandstorm, Char scolds his daughter for going outside the palace. Blister asks him if they should point out the culprit who lured Blaze into the desert and Dune pipes up in Six-Claws's defense. Six-Claws's name causes Blaze to jump away in fear and rudely criticize his talons, resulting in another scolding from Char. The king, pleased by Six-Claws's deed, invites both Six-Claws and Dune to join the army as loyal soldiers of the Queen.

It is revealed later that Char dies of a mysterious sickness that sweeps the palace, the same one that killed Six-Claw's father, Quicksand, sometime before Queen Oasis is killed by scavengers.

Family Tree Edit

King Char
Queen Oasis
Two Unnamed Sisters
Prince Scald
Prince Singe
Princess Burn
Princess Blister
Princess Blaze
Prince Smolder

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References Edit

  1. Deserter, position 154


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