King Darkstalker is a NightWing-IceWing hybrid who was transformed into a one-year-old NightWing-RainWing hybrid dragonet named Peacemaker, by Kinkajou using a piece of his own talisman.

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  • Theories about Peacemaker in the 3rd Arc

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    • I would really really hate is Peacemaker ever found out he used to be Darkstalker. It's like Tui killed the horse, beat it, brought it b...
    • I would like for Peacemaker too return in some way, he was cute and funny ''Moon! Moon moon moon moooon pies.''
  • Dragonets of Destiny (OPEN!!!)

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    • Brine walked forward, his head held high. He wasn't pleased to have been interrupted during his training.
    • Firebird hissed under her breath angrily and shapeshifted into her golden tiger form. She padded past Brine, purposely bumping his wing as ...