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"AHA! Have an idea! Super good one! Going to take a NAP! Like a RAINWING! YAY!"
—To Moon

Peacemaker is a male NightWing-RainWing hybrid who is actually Darkstalker with a spell put on him, so he could have a different, normal life.

Appearance Edit

Peacemaker is a small RainWing/NightWing hybrid. He looks almost completely like a NightWing, except for a rainbow of colorful scales on the underside of his wings instead of the NightWing silver star scales.

Personality Edit

Peacemaker seems to be a lively, playful, strawberry-loving dragonet, similar to Cliff. Kinkajou enchanted him to love strawberries obsessively, and he often sleeps like a RainWing. He likes to weave, fish, and sing. He enjoys making pies, as that was another aspect of Kinkajou's enchantment. It is unknown if he will find out who he really was.

Biography Edit

Peacemaker used to be the legendary King Darkstalker before a strawberry, enchanted by Kinkajou using scraps of Darkstalker's scroll, transformed him into a one-year-old dragonet with no memory of who he was. He is first seen in the epilogue of Darkness of Dragons, in the rainforest with his mother, Hope, formerly Foeslayer. He is excited to see Moon, says that he had to get up "sooooooo early" at noon, and happily makes mud pies. He shows no sign of Darkstalker in him and seems to be the complete opposite of Darkstalker. He will probably (based on Moon's visions) turn out to be entirely ordinary, write a song called "Strawberries as Big as a Scavenger's Head," which will become the official song of the strawberry festival, which could be something RainWings celebrate. It is very possible he will marry the blacksmith, as seen in Moonwatcher's vision.

Quotes Edit

"Made you a pie! Yum yum yum yum." - To Moon in Darkness of Dragons

"AHA! Have an idea! Super good one! Going to take a NAP! Like a RAINWING! YAY!" - To Moon in Darkness of Dragons

"Moon! Moon moon moon moooon pies." - To Moon in Darkness of Dragons

"Sleepy. Mommy made me get up SO EARLY." - To Moon, in response to how he is feeling in Darkness of Dragons

"Hungry!" - his first word

Relationships Edit

Moon Edit

Peacemaker seems to like Moon a lot. That was probably because Moon checks on him and is one of the only dragons that knows who he actually is. It might have also been in Kinkajou's enchantment.It also could have been that parts of King Darkstalker are still in him.

Hope/Foeslayer Edit

Hope is Peacemaker's mother.Hope is Foeslayer's new name.

Trivia Edit

  • Peacemaker is the fifth confirmed hybrid in the series.
  • Foeslayer/Hope jokes in the DoD epilogue that maybe Darkstalker could have been different if he was named Peacemaker.
  • Former King Darkstalker was turned into Peacemaker by Kinkajou using the remaining scraps of his scroll.
  • Peacemaker appears to have been enchanted to be the direct opposite of Darkstalker.
  • Peacemaker is the first RainWing hybrid in Wings of Fire, if we don't count Firefly, who was seen in a vision.
  • Peacemaker apparently loves strawberries, as Moon predicted his future self to be obsessed about them.
  • It is unknown if Kinkajou gave Peacemaker any NightWing or RainWing natural abilities, but when Darkstalker asked if he could keep his powers while he was transforming, they said no, so he probably doesn't.


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