"Made you a pie! Yum yum yum yum."
—To Moonwatcher in Darkness of Dragons

Peacemaker is a young male NightWing-RainWing hybrid. He used to be King Darkstalker, but Kinkajou removed all of his identity, using a strawberry enchanted by a scrap of Darkstalker's own scroll, stolen from Chameleon.

Appearance Edit

Peacemaker is a small NightWing-RainWing dragonet who looks almost completely NightWing, except for the rainbow scales under his wings. Instead of silver scales that look like the night sky, he has a collection of various colors against the black. They were described to appear as a constellation made out of parrots and chameleons. These scales can change colors.[1]

Personality Edit

From the little knowledge we have of him, Peacemaker seems to be a happy, playful dragonet, similar to Prince Cliff. Kinkajou specifically enchanted him to love strawberries obsessively, and it was shown in one of Moon's visions that his love of the fruits led into a hobby that involves making strawberry pies. As shown in Darkness of Dragons, Peacemaker has mostly adapted to the sleep schedule of the average RainWing. He likes to weave, fish, and sing, and he enjoys making mud pies, as that was another aspect of Kinkajou's enchantment.

Biography Edit

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Peacemaker makes his first appearance shortly before the end of Darkness of Dragons, in Moon's vision while flying to Foeslayer. In the vision, she sees a little NightWing-RainWing hybrid, growing up in the rainforest in a peaceful life. The dragonet loves strawberries, and would eventually grow up and write the song "Strawberries the Size of a Scavenger's Head" which will become famous among the NightWings and RainWings. Moon is confused on this vision, since it didn't match at all the warfare that was going on around her.

At the final confrontation with Darkstalker, Kinkajou shows them the strawberry she enchanted with the final scraps of Darkstalker's Scroll stolen from Chameleon. When Darkstalker reluctantly eats the strawberry, he transforms and Peacemaker makes his first visual appearance. The little dragonet is confused and hungry.

Later in the epilogue, he is seen in the rainforest with his mother, Hope. He is excited to see Moonwatcher, singing to her and making mud pies. Peacemaker showed no resemblance or sign of his past self, which made Moon both a little sad and relieved.

Quotes Edit

"Made you a pie! Yum yum yum yum." - To Moon in Darkness of Dragons

"AHA! Have an idea! Super good one! Going to take a NAP! Like a RAINWING! YAY!" - To Moon in Darkness of Dragons

"Moon! Moon moon moon moooon pies." - To Moon in Darkness of Dragons

"Sleepy. Mommy made me get up SO EARLY." - To Moon in Darkness of Dragons

"Hungry!" - Peacemaker's first word in Darkness of Dragons

Relationships Edit

Moonwatcher Edit

Peacemaker seems to be very fond of Moonwatcher. This is probably caused by her frequent visits and being mutually kind to one another, but there is speculation that Peacemaker also likes her because of a lingering bit of Darkstalker in him.

Hope (Foeslayer) Edit

As Foeslayer was mother to Darkstalker in his past life, she now looks after Peacemaker as Hope. Naturally, the two have a strong bond, and Peacemaker seems to amuse Hope quite often, given his silly and sweet personality.

Trivia Edit

  • Peacemaker is the fifth confirmed hybrid in the series.
  • Near the end of Darkness of Dragons, Hope (Foeslayer at that moment) had stated that maybe Darkstalker's fate would have been different if she'd chosen a name like Peacemaker from the beginning.
  • Perhaps in spite of Darkstalker, Kinkajou seemed to create his personality into the exact opposite of his former self.
  • Peacemaker is the first RainWing hybrid in Wings of Fire, excluding Firefly, who was seen in one of Moonwatcher's visions.
  • It is unknown if Kinkajou gave Peacemaker any NightWing or RainWing natural abilities, or perhaps a combination of the two.
  • Peacemaker will most likely marry the tribe blacksmith, have dragonets with them, and die peacefully in his sleep, according to Moonwatcher's vision.
  • Tui confirmed Peacemaker will stay as Peacemaker forever, and will never find out about his past.


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