Liana is a female RainWing who first appeared in The Hidden Kingdom. She seems to keep her scales dark blue with dapples of gold[1]. She is one of the first two dragons, the other being Jambu, that Glory had encountered after Clay, Tsunami, Webs, and Sunny had been tranquilized with RainWing sleeping darts. She seemed very kind but was also shown getting a little irritated when being asked questions about Glory's lost home. Liana was in the group that led Glory and Starflight to the RainWing village. She was also one of the dragons alongside Glory on the mission to free the captured RainWings in The Dark Secret. She has very few appearances after that.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

After the dragonets were taken to the RainWing Kingdom, Liana informed Glory what the tranquilizer darts were and also explained what sun time was, visibly annoyed at how calmly Glory reacted to not knowing. Glory thought that Liana realized how she was stolen from the hatcheries. This led Starflight to figure out that the lack of sunshine in the caves the dragonets of destiny had lived in for six years had made Glory harsher and grumpier than a typical RainWing, and her scales duller than a typical RainWing's. Glory also considered on having Liana on her team for the Royal RainWing Challenge, but picked Tamarin instead, possibly due to Liana's superior actions and words. Liana did not impress Glory as a team player.

The Dark SecretEdit

In The Dark Secret, she and Grandeur used the NightWing's spears to free the captured RainWings. Liana is described as usually completing tasks with Grandeur.  

Quotes Edit

"Poor little dragonet. Why are her scales so dull?" -about Glory

"It's easier to meet new dragons this way. We've had a couple of grumpy brown dragonets stumble in here, and for some reason they start biting us before we can say hello. This way we can chat first, while they're still a bit groggy."

‘“Your scales they’re just so......mousy’” - To Glory


  • A liana is a woody, climbing plant that hangs from trees, especially in tropical rainforests.
  • It is possible that Queen Glory made her a guard because she helped free the captured RainWings from the NightWing Island.
  • Since she patrolled the borders of the rainforest before and after Glory arrived, it is possible that before Glory arrived, the RainWings still did proper jobs.


References Edit

  1. The Hidden Kingdom, page 20

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