Loris was a RainWing of an unknown gender and was one of the seventeen RainWings mentioned in The Hidden Kingdom by Kinkajou to be missing. Although Loris made no actual formal appearances, they were most likely saved from the volcano with the rest of the captive RainWings.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

Kinkajou proudly says that the RainWings were going to have a proper Queen for once, but she was faced with questions from dragons about whether or not their current system was flawed. Kinkajou retorts that they should have asked the captured RainWings instead because those prisoners weren't rescued when Magnificent was queen. In fact, Magnificent hadn't even noticed that they were gone. Kinkajou mentioned Gibbon, Orchid, Splendor, Tualang, and Loris. Those who heard her began pondering and frowning as if expecting them to come waltzing out of the trees. She quotes at last that Glory was the only dragon who was going to take action, and therefore she should be the rightful queen.

Trivia Edit

  • A loris is a slow, lemur-like mammal. They are sometimes called 'slow lorises'.



Present: Queen GloryEx-Queen DazzlingEx-Queen ExquisiteEx-Queen Fruit BatEx-Queen GrandeurEx-Queen MagnificentEx-Queen Splendor
Historical: Queen Anaconda



Jade Mountain


Other Dragons





ArboretumQueen Glory's Pavilion


The RainWing Royal Challenge

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