"You must have had such an adventure"
—Lynx, to Winter's about his quest to rescue Hailstorm in Winter Turning.

Lynx is a female IceWing dragonet with silver scales and an unusual pattern of dark blue scales on her snout and wings.[1] These remind Winter of Moonwatcher, as the NightWing has silver teardrop scales beside her eyes in contrast to her shiny black scales. She appears in part three of Winter Turning while Winter is in the Ice Kingdom. She was originally in second place in the First Circle, but when Winter was put into first place, she was moved down to third. Unlike Snowfall, she didn't act bitter and instead, congratulated Winter on reaching first place.

Biography Edit

Winter Turning Edit

While scanning the dragons in the First Circle, Winter sees that Lynx is in second place behind Snowfall. He thinks that this is much better news than the fact that Snowfall has moved to the top spot, since Lynx is both nice and the daughter of minor nobles.

Lynx has an unusual pattern of dark blue scales scattered along her white snout and wings. Winter thought them pretty as a dragonet, but they dreadfully reminded him of Moonwatcher's silver teardrop scales.

On the morning after Winter was summoned for the Diamond Trial, Winter found Lynx and battle trained with her outside of the IceWing palace to get ready for the impending task ahead. When they finished up and were cleaning themselves up, Queen Glacier arrived with Icicle.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

During the battle at Jade Mountain between the IceWings and the NightWings, Fearless is seen attacking a young female IceWing with blue scales freckling her snout, but Winter saves the IceWing by spraying frostbreath on Fearless's wing, making her crash-land and crawl into a cave. Although the female IceWing's name isn't stated, this was most likely Lynx.

Personality Edit

Winter observes that Lynx is very hardworking, diligent, and intelligent, despite only being the daughter of a minor noble. Lynx appears to be friendlier than most IceWings (lacking the coldness most of them carry), smiling to and congratulating Winter when he reached the top of the IceWing dragonet rankings instead of being jealous, like Snowfall was. She is also shown to be brave, as she participated in the battle at the end of Darkness of Dragons .

Quotes Edit

"You must have had such an adventure."

"So great."


  • A lynx is a genus of the cat family, including four different species. Lynxes usually live in mountains and tundras.
  • Lynx is most likely first place in the rankings, as Hailstorm is now an adult and Queen Snowfall is the IceWing queen.
  • Tui stated in a Scholastic video that she would definitely like to have Lynx return.
  • Her name may refer to the unusual spots on her, which lynxes also have.
  • Lynx is the first known IceWing with unusual markings, as they are usually pure ice colors.

Gallery Edit


  1. Winter Turning, page 259


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